SPUR – February 1, 2017
Kevin Mayo, acting president for today, opened the meeting.  
Pledge of Allegiance – Joyce Keaton
4-Way Test – Jack Welch
Prayer – Kathy Barron
Guest – Margret Smith-Hale From Senior Rides
Fines from Sgt. of Arms Milton Rosenburg:  Not wearing Rotarian Pin.
Pot was $295.00
Jim Kuhn 1st winner and drew the Queen of Hearts for the win
2nd – Rich Tkacz for the $10.00
3rd – Kevin Mayo for the $5.00
Mike Helechu – Gave 99.00 to club for anniversary and a Birthday dollar. 
Jason Neely – Back from Vermont
Ed Palomba – Granddaughter is 6 months old.
Kevin Mayo – His daughter turns 26
Jerry Bell – Happy Dollar
Joanne Walk – Happy Birthday and Anniversary to Mike Helechu
Joe Falon – Happy Ground Hog Day
Lyndsey Webber – Was happy to be able to volunteer at her sons school
Joyce Keaton – Happy 12th Birthday to her granddaughter and a welcome back from Florida dollar.
Carolyn Bhonet – Happy Dollar
Joe Fallon's mystery minute:
A.  United States Space Shuttle Disintegrated while attempting to land after the completion of its mission. 
    1.  What was the name of the Shuttle?
             a.  Columbia
    2.  Name any two of the seven crew members who perished?
             a. Rick Husband, William McCook. Michael Anderson, Ilan Ramon, Kalpana Chawla, David Brown and Laurel Clerk
    3.   All but Ramon were US Citizens.  Ramon was a citizen of what country?
             a. Israel
ANNOUNCEMENTS:  2/1/17 is Foundation Month.  Send in all donations to Ed Palomba.
On 2/15/17 Jerry Bell will be doing a presentation on Genetics.
SPEAKER:  Today's presentation was done by Nutmeg Senior Rides (Margaret Smith-Hale)
They provide rides to the senior community to help them stay connected.  This can be for any reason such as Doctors appointments to enjoying a football game.  This program started in 2008.  Margaret gave an example of a legally blind couple who needed to make 3 stops.  One of which was to DMV to turn his drivers liscense into an ID card.  With out this service they would have either not been able to accomplish these task or would have had to pay more than what this service charges which is:
Up to 2 miles $5.00 Each Way
3-5 Miles $10.00 Each Way
6-7 Miles $14.00 Each Way
8-13 Miles $19.00 Each Way
Over 14 Miles $25.00 Each Way
Senior buses in town cannot provide rides to work so without this program a lot of seniors would have no way of getting to work.
Ride are invoiced on a monthly basis and there is no tipping.
They are seeking new volunteers to reduce the use of their 3 Part Time Paid employees to reduce costs.  
At the end of this week they will have provided 50,000 rides to seniors in the area.
QUOTE FOR THE DAY:  "Doing what you like is freedom.  Liking what you do is happiness."  (Frank Tyger)