SPUR April 1, 2015

This was Bring a Guest Day. Rotarians introduced the following guests: 

Chris Casey—Kathy Barron, The Network

Cindy Mangini—Kelly Davis, Hewlett Packard

Scott Kaupin—Mary Bielecki, Mass Mutual

Carol Bohnet—Adrian Garcia-Sega, Baypath University

Nick Deni—Ben Lupien, Garden’s Dream; Tony Sabonis, Sofia’s Restaurant and Jay D’Aleo, Rogers Memorial Studio


- Kate Garvey, Joyce Keating, Carol Bohnet,Chris Casey,JoAnn Walk, Gena Fitzgerald and Mike Helechu all enjoyed the ACC Murder Mystery.

- Jeff Tingley-Happy his son got into grad school.

- Larry Tracey-enjoyed his time in New Hampshire with his daughter and grandson. 

- Mike Helechu- said he and his grandson have fun in their man-cave building LEGOs.

- Jerry Bell- shared what happens if you get cat hair caught under your mouse (in case you’re looking for April Fools ideas). Also, he is going to the Final 4.

- Greg Stokes-enjoyed the cruise he took with his wife celebrating her 50th birthday.

- Scott Kaupin and Kevin Mayo enjoy time spent at the Powder Hollow Brewery.

- Lindsey Weber- spoke about an April fool’s joke her husband played on her and how she appreciated Scott Kaupin’s inspiration for getting back at hubby.

- Anniversaries shared by Kiran and Jack Welch.

- Belated birthday wishes to Sandy Zukowski.

Fines collected by our Sgt.-at-Arms were for not bringing a guest.

Joe Fallon’s History Mystery:

April 1- Remember-This is April Fools Day. Are the following statements true or false? and why?

1. Lon Chaney, Sr. (the Man of a Thousand Faces) was born in Colorado on April 1, 1883 to blind parents. His son Creighton (later Lon Jr) only took up acting after his father died.

False-parents were deaf

2. The late Mary Frances Reynolds (aka) Debbie was born on April 1, 1932. Besides movies and TV she was famous for singing the number one hit record “Tammy” in 1957. Her first marriage was to Eddie Fisher and their child is Carrie Fisher of Star Wars fame.

False-she is still alive

3. The winningest knuckleball pitcher of all time (318 wins), Phil Niekro, was born on April 1, 1939 and was a boyhood friend of John Havlichek. While spending most of his career in Atlanta, he won his 300th game in New York as a Met, becoming the oldest pitcher to pitch a shutout. Bobby Murcer once said that trying to hit his pitches was like trying to eat jello with chopsticks.

False-He pitched his 300th win as a Yankee.

The Queen of Hearts pot reached is around  $300 and there were no winners.

Program: President Kevin and Mike Helechu spoke about our club’s history, service projects, our founding members, some of our recently passed members and the benefits of joining Rotary. Kevin listed some of our ongoing activities, including

•    Donate dictionaries to third graders
•    Library books to children for their birthdays
•    Scholarships
•    EPD-Toys for Joy
•    Donate winter jackets to children
•    Donate back packs to the lunch bunch
•    Donate between $2500-3000 to the Guatemalan water project
•    Donate to the India health clinic
•    Donate to our little leagues
•    Donate to both Loaves and Fishes and Enfield Food Shelf
•    Basketball fundraiser
•    Amber Alert
Steve Damon pointed out that in addition to donating to various causes, Rotarians conduct numerous fund-raising events, such as pancake breakfasts and the Cinco K Mayo Road Race.

Guest Editor: Cindy Mangini