Spur  February 24, 2016
Some info is sparse….did not realize weekly Editor not in attendance.
Pledge of Allegiance-  not sure
4 Way test-  not sure
Invocation- Mike Helechu
Presidents remarks-
New Member Application – Second Reading:
                        Steve Alminas
Happy /sads/ bdays/anniversaries
  • Adrian – daughters 3rd b’day
  • All Woman Table- fined
  • Ed Palomba- Foundation $ coming in & Florida trip coming up
  • Nick- UCONN vs SMU game
  • Kiran- St Francis 5k race sponsor
Joes History Mystery Minute- Don Knotts died 10 years ago. What character did he play on Andy Griffith Show?  Deputy Barney Fife    What character did he play in Three’s Company?  Landlord Ralph Furley    Knotts first became famous as one of “Man on the Street” interviews for Steve Allen Show. Name other men on the street.  Pat Harrington, Louis Nye, Bill Dana, Dayton Allen, Tom Poston
Raffle Winners
Card- Nick
$10- Kiran
$5- Joann Smith
Speaker- Milt spoke to us about non-conventional Rotary meetings> On-Line attendance. Rotary eClub available on Enfield Rotary Club home page. Cost is a voluntary contribution. Event is easy, quick and informative. Wide variety of topics to choose from.  Best bet is to ask Milt for help if you have trouble accessing eClub or need more information.
Club Announcements-
  • Road race – May 7—please hand out flyers
  • Foundation- need donations by end of month
  • Shadowing- Kate needs help to fill slots
  • Rotary Dine-In- 99 Restaurant May 17. Portion of sales comes back to Club
Meeting Adjourned @ : on time sort of