Rotary meeting 04/27/16
Officiating:  President Nick                                                Place:  Holiday In, 12:00 pm
Pledge of Allegiance:  Bobbi Mazurek
4 Way Test:  Steve Alminas
Blessing:  Larry Tracey
Guests:  Michelle Tracey, Bobbi Mazurek
Sgt. at arms:  JoAnne Walk (AKA Madam Secretary)
  • Milt – happy anniversary and happy birthday to his wife
    • Challenged to match $118.00 (thanks Milt)
  • JoAnne Walk suggested fine – if NOT participating in any way for Cinco K Mayo
  • Jerry – Sad – can’t golf on trip, Mom surgery – WE wish her luck
  • Bobbi – Happy to be here
  • Cheryl – happy to see Michelle Tracey here
  • Kevin – money towards Milt challenge (TY)
  • Ed – Golf game stinks L, now has to do lawn work – spring is here
  • Mike H – ACTUALLY gave the Red Soxs some kudos
    • Poor Yankees
  • Dick S- missed a lot of meetings
    • Happy to be in Florida
    • Not sure about Salmon fishing with Drinan’s
    • Promised to donate to the scholarship
  • Nick – Happy wife and sons coming home
    • Sad he is still hungry L
    • Donated to the club $200 ½ of card winnings (Thanks Pres)
  • Sean- Birthday
  • Michelle Tracey – $10
  • Sean Stevens - $5
  • Mike Helechu – Card (no luck)
History Mystery:  presented by Rich Tkacz
  • April 27, 1777 – 239 years ago – A battle between British & American forces took place in Ridgefield, CT
    • Who won the Battle?
      • British
    • Who was the main commander of the American forces?
      • Brigadier General Benedict Arnold
    • What is the name of the local building where a British cannonball is still lodged in a corner post?
      • Keeler Tavern
  • Paul Harris recipients (Congrats)
    • Kevin Mayo
    • Jan Nierburg (Charlie’s wife)
    • Pam Brown
  • Ed P. reported he is in contact with Little Tikes about the playground and getting some things fixed.
  • Nick stated we should be getting the 3K district check soon
  • Scholarship meeting Country Diner – 8:00 am
  • May 14th 10:00 am dedication and ribbon cutting for the track
    • Waiting for the town on some items to address
    • Will get plaques to thank donors who helped
  • Update on Road Race – Kevin
    • Volunteers still needed – be there by 7:30 am
    • Approximately 110 runners
    • Course is properly marked (EXACT)
    • Kevin will need a DD for after race (or he can UBER it J)
    • Kiran said only 1 hour for 3 miles allowed (kidding – we hope)
  • May 17th 99 restaurant holding a benefit of % being donated back to Rotary
    • See Carol for more info
    • Information on desk during Rotary lunch check in
    • Kevin stated it counts as a Rotary after 5:00
Guest speaker:  Our very own Mike Helechu, presenting videos & historical items
  • Rotary Garden – 11th year or maybe 10th celebration
    • Henry D. created this to feed hungry in Enfield with fresh produce
    • Great video was shown
  • Rotary Video about history of Rotary – was shown as commercial during a movie at the Enfield Library
  • Playground ribbon cutting ceremony video shown.
  • Mike presented all of this to remind Rotarians of all that can be accomplished
  • Thank you MIKE as our local Rotarian Historian J
Respectfully Submitted: 
              Kathy Barron