Spur November 15, 2017
Pres. Carol led us in the Salute to the flag and the 4 Way Test.
Chris L. gave a thoughtful grace.
The Board authorized matching up to $500 in fines collected this week and next to go to the Food Shelf and the Soup Kitchen
Steve D. Birthday Nov. 20
Joann S. Spouse birthday
Stu B. & Derek M. 14 yr club anniv.
Milt R. 13 yr (Enfield) club anniv.
Larry T. 26 year club anniv.
-Jo Ann W. Happy for signing ceremony at EHS for girls basketball player, but sad one senior broke her ankle (will still be on scholarship next yr.)
-Steve D. Happy Birthday – District Governor Dave led us in singing Happy Birthday.
-Scott K. Freedom and a Cape trip.
-Mike H. Late anniv. and spouse B-day.
-DG Dave Happy for our supporting the Rotaract club at Bay Path
-Kiran M. Next week is spouse’s B-day.
-Eric M. Happy for time with mother, brother and son at various activities.
-Nick D. Late Anniv. and cold trip to Boston.
-Joyce K. Double house troubles.
-Keith M. & Julie C. Leave early dollars.
-Ed P. Daughter’s B-day.
-Bryan C. Jury duty next week, daughter will be back from college, wife’s job, and heat back on in Town Hall.
-Chris C. Turkey drive at Rich’s Oil. Chamber raffle.
-Chris L. He and Cheryl will be gone next week – Happy Thanksgiving.
-Pres. Carol Sad Allied resident passed away.
History Mystery Minute:
Four members of the Clutter family were murdered in Holcomb, Kansas by two recently-released convicts who killed everyone to ensure that there would be no witnesses to their crime.
Q1: What non-fiction novel was published in 1966 that documents that horrific crime? In Cold Blood
Q2: Who was the author of In Cold Blood? Truman Capote
Q3: The two convicted murderers, Richard Hickock and Perry Smith, were hanged for these crimes in 1965 at the Kansas State Penitentiary located in what Kansas town? Lansing
Mike H. 2 of spades
Cathy B. $10
Jim K. $5
-Pancake breakfast is Saturday Dec. 9 from 8:00-10:30 AM. Tickets were distributed today, and Lou B. will distribute a sign-up sheet.
-Wine tasting will be on a yet-to-be-determined date in  March, 2018. The theme will be the Enfield Rotary Club’s 90th anniversary.
-Rotary After Hours will be this Thursday Nov. 16th at Bella Vita restaurant.
-Letter from Amazon Smiles that our club has been designated a charitable recipient. Anyone who buy off the Amazon Smiles (go there, not Amazon.com – same website) website and indicates the Enfield CT Rotary Club, we get a small percentage of the purchase price.
-Thank you received from the Enfield Jack-o-lantern festival for our support.
-Rotary club of Windsor/Windsor Locks about their poinsettia sale
Pres. Carol made presentations to all of the rotarian veterans at the meeting, and recognized all of our member veterans:
Korean War
Thomas D. Leary             Army     1953-1954
Jordan Chatis                   Army     1957-1959
Viet Nam
David Drinan                   Navy     1964-1969
Larry Tracey                     Air Force 1965-1969
David O’Connor                            Army     1966-1972
Alan Drinan                      Navy     1966-1971
Joe Fallon                         Army     1968-1970
Mike Helechu                  Air Force 1973-1980
Greg Stokes                      Navy     1975-1978
Carol Bohnet                   Army     1975-1978
Desert Shield/Storm
Mike Helechu                  CT Air Natl Guard            1988-2002
Milt Rosenberg                CT Air Natl Guard            1963-1969
Stu Barowsky                   US Coast Guard               1965-1972
Jack Welsh                       Air Natl Guard                 1969-1975
-Pres. Carol exchanged club and district banners with Gov. Dave.
-Gov. Dave made several presentations to Enfield Rotary Club members
Milt R. – 31 years of perfect attendance
Enfield Rotary Club – Polio Plus and Foundation Giving
Bill S. – outstanding service to the club and district
Lindsey W. – work on accessible playground and scholarship foundation
Cheryl L. – establishing the Rotaract club at BayPath College
District Gov. Dave discussed many things including the following topics:
-International Assembly in San Diego
-Rotary International Serves the Clubs, not the other way around
-Interact (high school students) and Rotaract (college students) are the future of Rotary. Interacters go to college looking for Rotaract clubs. Rotaracters get jobs and look to join Rotary clubs.
-The Power of One (person making a difference)
-Rotarians are special people – looking to do for others, not for others to do for us
-Giving back
-Having fun while serving
-Success because we are engaged with one another
-If not us then who? If not now, then when?
-Importance of membership development: Use the 10-3-1 rule of sales. Reach out to 10 people. Get three to a Rotary meeting. Find one who will make a good Rotarian. You only fail if you stop trying to invite someone.
-Retirees make great Rotarians. They have the time, the experience, and often the resources.
Lastly Gov. Dave talked about “Rotary Means Business” and the first district RMB event held in Glastonbury on Nov. 9. RMB is a networking and referral event that is like speed-dating for businesses. Rotarians and their guests are invited. They are social, fun and generate new business relationships and hopefully new Rotarians.
Gov. Dave closed the meeting singing the canon “Dona Nobis Pacem” (Grant us peace) with Chris L.
Your scribe,
Jerry B.