Rotary Minutes:         Date: 9/14/2016  
Pledge: Al Drinan            
4 way test: Milt Rosenberg          
Invocation: Chris Leary            
Guests and visitors: Minnie Treadwell - Guest of Bobbie Mazurek    
  Keith Modore  soon to be new member      
  Julie Cotnoir soon to be new member      
Rotarian Anniversaries:              
Birthdays: Kathy Baron  9/18  …30 again!        
Wedding Anniversaries: None            
Happy / Sads:              
  Milt Happy for Maine trip        
  Julie happy for walking with students in Be Like Brit walk  
  Joanne busy 2 weeks happy to settle her mom into assisted living Friday
  and happy about participation in closer to free cancer ride in New Haven
  Rich happy for upcoming vacation to Austria and ending in Prague
  Mike Happy there is a new lego set out Cinderella castle 4k pieces
  Jerry  spoke to American Kennel Club delegate body on breeding practices
  Sandy happy for grandsons birthday and weekend in Vermont  
  Kiran Running Hartford Marathon in October for St Francis cancer patients
  Greg happy for vacation in Maine ran into Milt, Happy for Michigan win
  and happy for Detroit Lions win.      
History Mystery: 14-Sep-01            
  President William McKinley died eight days after being shot by assassin
  Leon Czolgosz.          
  1- McKinley was the last veteran of what war to serve as president
  Civil War            
  2- Who did McKinley defeat in the 1896 election to become president?
  William Jennings Bryant        
  3-Theodore Roosevelt became president when McKinley died during his 
Other Business: second term.  What position did Roosevelt hold during McKinley's first 
  term in office?   Assistant Secretary of the Navy.