DATE: 2/16/2016
TO: File
Subject: Meeting SPUR 2/10/2016
Past president Kevin Mayo opened the meeting in the absence of Pres Nick, who is away in
South Carolina.
Pledge by Kevin Mayo.
Prayers led by Chris Leary.
Guests : District officers, Pam Lupoli, Marcel Schimdt and Frank Vargo – incoming DG.
And Steve Alminas and Michelle Tracy ( Larry Tracy )
The usual great lunch menu thanks to Eric Moody; deserts are even better!
Standing in for SAA was Scott Kaupin without Anniversary and birthday list. So, members
Ed Palomba $5 for college activities. Joe Fallon returned from vacation and 90 F heat. Eric
Moody for missed meeting. Jack Welch described cold Vermont visit. Larry Tracy happy about
team’s undefeated season. Chris Leary happy about Valentine’s Day and anniversary. Kathy
Baron happy with non-birthday, Sept 18. Alison Rodriges happy, Sept 30.Kate Garvey happy.
Carol Bohnet happy about daughter’s PhD and two huge Grant awards worth 184,900 and
$108,000 for the Allied Group’s much needed facility renovations. Ed Palomba added more
comments. Kevin Mayo also happy. So was Pam Lupoli.
Frank Vargo provided information about Pre Pet meeting and then talked about “Star Fish” story
about a little girl that picked up star fish stranded on the beach and placed it back in the water for
survival and one Club that called, many years ago, to use that title for their project. The Project
was Enfield Club’s “Shamlaji, Hospital, India”. Also, February is “Foundation” month.
Milt Rosenberg talked about Rotary Leadership.
Joe Fallon’s History Mystery Minute:
February 10, 1962 – 54 years ago, the most famous spy swap of the 20
century took place on
this date at the Glienicke bridge in Berlin, Germany.
1. What was the name of the American spy? Francis Gary Powers.
2. What was the name of the Russian spy? KGB Col. Vilyam Fisher, aka Rudolf Abel.
3. What was the name of the third person in the spay swap? Frederic Pryor, a student who
later became a university professor.
Raffle - $365 kitty
Scott Kaupin $10, Lou Bolduc a bum card and Milt Rosenberg $5.
Steve Damon, Friday Breakfast at Angelina’s. Kevin Mayo, Rotary after 5, at ’99 restaurant,
2/18, Thursday at 5:30 pm. Chris Leary would like participants for the re-creation of the famous
singing Notariants… Singing skills a must but enthusiasm even more.
District Conference, April 29, 2016.
Ed Palomba to meet with new Library Director, Jason Neely to discuss Playground, walk/Jog
trail and Rotary community participation.
March 2 meeting is “Invite a Visitor” day for a potential member to our Club. So, send the Guest
cards to friends, associates and others interested in common values.
Carol Bohnet talked about “Be like Brit” Haiti project contribution and pasta dinner at Mt
Carmel. And a fundraiser plan at ’99 for the “Shamlaji Hospital, India”; Rotary can receive 15%
of the receipts for the day.
Beg your pardon for errors and omissions.
Respectfully submitted by Kiran Majmudar
New Member Application - First Reading:
      Steve Alminas
  • Ed Palomba