SPUR April 12, 2017
President Kevin opened the meeting at 12:15. Pledge: Sandy Zukowski; 4-Way Test: Kevin; Invocation: Derek Meade
Guest: Ryan Lawless—attending as a guest for the last time; induction today.
Visiting Rotarian: Ed Sharpless, Washington, NJ—a pleasant surprise for all who know Ed from his 10+ years with our club before retiring and moving to Jersey to be closer to family.
Sgt. at Arms: Milt Rosenberg began with an interesting and timely Rotary quote from 1917 (just before he and Mike Helechu were born) about the waste and brutality of war and the need for everyone (especially Rotarians) to be involved in working toward and maintaining peace.
- Birthdays: Kate Garvey; Stu Barowsky; Tom Leary; and Kevin’s wife, Jill.
- Many Rotarians wished Kate a Happy Birthday.
- Many Rotarians happy to see Ed Sharpless.
- Kate announced a new part-time job with the Solicitor’s Office in Springfield, was happy for her birthday and her son’s upcoming birthday; and especially happy to have received tickets to an upcoming Red Sox – Yankees game.
- Lindsey looking forward to an upcoming trip to Disney World.
- Bryan proud of his daughter.
- Jerry happy to have attended Final Four games and golfed five times.
- Carol happy that Ryan would be inducted today (Carol is his sponsor). She also announced an opening for a data entry clerk.
- Ryan happy to become a member of Rotary.
- Adrian happy to be “just another pretty face.”
- Julie happy to have women from Pakistan visiting Asnuntuck.
- Mike, Joyce, Kate, Ed P. and Chris happy for the successful Asnuntuck Murder Mystery.
- Ed S. happy that his small club in Washington, NJ (14 members) is a high-energy group that gets involved in a lot of projects. He was asked to serve as Treasurer after a couple of weeks in the club.
- Kevin happy that he will be attending another Patriot’s Day game at Fenway Park on the 17th.
Since we had a winner last week, Joe was quick to point out that this was the first time he observed Milt playing with a full deck. Milt won $10 but donated it to the Queen of Hearts kitty; Joe did the same with $5; and your Editor isn’t playing with a full deck because he forgot to write down the name of the person who drew a card. At any rate, it wasn’t the Queen of Hearts.
HISTORY MYSTERY—April 12, 1945
President Franklin D. Roosevelt died from a cerebral hemorrhage at the “little White House,” a presidential retreat and vacation spot, while he was sitting for the painting of a presidential portrait.
  1. A short while prior to his death, Roosevelt had met with Winston Churchill and Josef Stalin at what famous meeting?
    A: The Yalta Conference
  2. Where was the “little White House” located?
    A: Warm Springs, Georgia
  3. What was the name of the painter who never completed the famous “Unfinished Portrait of Franklin Delano Roosevelt?
    A: Elizabeth Shoumatoff
Ryan Lawless was inducted as a new member of the Rotary Club of Enfield by President Kevin Mayo and sponsor (and incoming President) Carol Bohnet. Welcome Ryan! We will look forward to hearing your “New Rotarian” talk.
Kevin announced that Nancy Berube has resigned due to work commitments.
Kevin announced that the Board approved a donation of $200 to K.I.T.E for purchasing two bikes for the group’s upcoming “Bike Bash” at Higgins Park on April 30th. The Board is also coordinating an Enfield Little League sponsorship. (Our club has sponsored Little League baseball in town since it was organized in the early 1950s.)
Cinco K Mayo Road Race—Kevin announced that the number of sponsors is low and urged Rotarians to actively solicit or recommend contacts for the committee to pursue. The number of runners is consistent with previous years.
The response to Joyce’s challenge for 10 Rotarians to contribute $25 to purchase a “Club Sponsorship” exceeded the goal with the following Rotarians raising their hands and saying “count me in”:
Joyce K.
Kevin M.
Allison R.
Carol B.
Bryan C.
Steve D.
Joe F.
Sandy Z.
Kate G.
Eric M.
Mary A.
Mike H.
VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED for the morning of May 6 at the former Enrico Fermi HS (right across the street from Minuteman Press). Please let Allison Rodricks know if you can help out during the day. We need ALL HANDS ON DECK—this is our biggest fundraiser of the year.
Job Shadowing—Kate announced that she’s working on placing the last of 28 students for the April 19th event. She needs everyone’s Placement forms.
Incoming President Carol Bohnet invited discussion about planning for 2017-2018 and where we as a club want to focus our attention and donate money where it is needed most. She will continue to solicit suggestions from club members as she prepares for the new Rotary year. Carol needs someone to step forward to serve as Community Service Director. In our club, this is basically an overseer/coordinator position, because most of our Community Service activities are already in the hands of very capable committees and chairpersons. Please contact Carol if you would like to assist in this area. Attending monthly Board meetings would be required.
Carol also noted that the club will be celebrating its 90th anniversary in May 2018 and asked members to start thinking of ways we might want to celebrate this milestone.
Ed Palomba noted that planning was proceeding on a possible amphitheater at the Public Library, near our Accessible Playground. He and Kiran are working on design options and costs to present to the club for consideration.
Next week’s speaker will be State Comptroller Kevin Lembo. President Kevin encouraged all to attend and bring guests. He adjourned the meeting at 1:20 p.m.
Guest Editor: Mike Helechu