Date:  26 April 2017
Pledge: Nick Deni
4-way test:  Kevin Mayo
Invocation:  Kevin Mayo
Guests and visitors: Samantha Johnson and Veronica Walker, HS Recognition students plus their families and teachers
Birthdays and Anniversaries:
Sandi Zukowski celebrates 48 years with her husband Mike on the 26th
Milt Rosenberg’s wife’s birthday on the 26th, he did not forget.  Also celebrating 49 years of marriage on the 28th.  Milt put up a challenge for the club to get to $49 of happy/sads/fines.  See below for results
Stu:            A celebratory $1 for his granddaughter’s Bat Mitzvah.
Jerry:         Went to Paris and had a grand old time.  Got some calls concerning his safety, while there, but had no idea that there were terrorist attacks going on.  He was overly frisked and wanded everywhere he went.  He’s looking forward to his upcoming trip to Huron, OH to go speak to the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club.
Joe:           $10 for Milt’s Wife’s Challenge.
Nick:         A $1 pin fine.
Ed P:         A dollar for Kate since the Red Sox lost to the Yankees.
Mike H.:    A happy dollar for the Yankees.  He got a brand new Porsche 911 Turbo (it’s a Lego one…)  His grandson turned 7, and a dollar for the Milt Challenge.
Kathy B.:  $2 towards the Milt Challenge.
Kathy W.: She missed some meetings.  A new Senior Lifestyles show called the Senior View will air on Channel 15 on Th 6:30pm and F 6am  Ms. Senior CT Pageant will happen on 06 May
Rich:         His shoulder injury prevented him from going on his annual golfing trip with his friends that he has been attending for 15 years.  So his wife talked him into going to London for two weeks with the money they saved.
Lindsey:    Sad dollar for her son’s baseball game getting rained out this past weekend, but got rescheduled for this weekend.  She is looking forward to attending baseball three times a week for the next eight weeks.  A happy dollar for taking her kids to Disney World.  They had a great time and the kids were really surprised.
Adrian:      A happy dollar for going on the annual Fish Camp trip.  A happy dollar for his daughter starting soccer, and for being the assistant coach on her team.  A thank you dollar to Carol ;-)
Ryan:        Also going on the trip.  He is very excited that his uncle, Jim, is also participating after having received a double lung transplant for pulmonary fibrosis.
History Mystery:
26 April 1900:
Charles Francis Richter was born in New Peck, Ohio and moved to Los Angeles when he was nine years old.  He graduated from Stanford and later received his PhD from the California Institute of Technology.
  1. Richter developed what famous process to assess what natural scientific event?
    The Richter scale to measure the intensity of earthquakes.
    Answered by many boisterous voices.
  2. What is the name of the machine (instrument, correction by Adrian) that measures the magnitude of earthquakes?
    A seismograph.
    Answered by Jack Welch.
  3. What was the name of the scientific scale that measured earthquakes prior to the use of the Richter Scale?
    The Mercalli Scale
    Answered by Joe, after many comical incorrect guesses.
Kathy Barron took the $10.
Kevin Mayo took the $5.
Nick Deni drew the card (three of diamonds).
Two Enfield High School students were recognized by the club, Sam Johnson and Veronica Walker by the club.
Ed Palomba:  This Friday 28 April at 8am at the Country Diner will be a meeting to discuss the Paul Harris Award.  Only current Paul Harris Fellows need attend.
Respectfully recorded and edited (for humor) by Adrian Garcia Sega