Date:  05 April 2017
Pledge: Steve Damon
4-way test:  Kevin Mayo
Invocation:  Julie Cotnoir
Guests and visitors: none
Birthdays and Anniversaries:
Cheryl Leary
Julie Cotnoir
Larry Tracey, paid last week with Ed Palomba (attributes his luck to this, see below)
Kiran celebrates his 45th anniversary with his wife Yogini on 01 April.
Jack Welch celebrates 37 years in Rotary
Sandy:       A celebratory $1 for her son’s birthday.
Brian:        A pin fine, and a happy birthday dollar for those previously mentioned.
Kathy:       A happy dollar for going on vacation and a sad dollar for having to come back.
Joyce:        A happy dollar for the murder mystery dinner.
Jack:          A happy dollar for the undefeated Red Sox.
Scott:         A pin fine.
Julie:         A happy thank you dollar for Brian Chodkowski for coming to speak to some HS students about business careers.
Milt:          A fine for missing last week while he was at four Broadway shows in four days.  Visited the 9/11 memorial.  Also plugged the “The Goodspeed” in East Haddam.  If you are interested, let him know.
History Mystery:
Joe printed out the wrong date (06 April).  Therefore, we were privy to TWO history mystery question sets;
Ad Hoc Questions:
This week (11 April) in 1961 Bob Dylan played his first major concert in New York City
  1. What is Bob Dylan’s real name?       Robert Zimmerman
    Answered by Rich Tkacz
  2. Where does Dylan come from?          Author Dylan Thomas
    Answered by Kevin Mayo
  3. Which artist did Dylan spend a lot of time with in New York?
    Depending on which Dylan.  Adrian said that Bob Dylan spent a lot of time caring for Woody Guthrie while he suffered from Huntington’s Disease.  Joe was actually referring to Dylan Thomas and was referring to a writer for one of the New York City papers, with whom Thomas would get drunk with all over town.
    Actual Question for 06 April:
    Two noteworthy historical events took place.  Pioneer 11 was launched from Cape Canaveral, FL and Major League baseball rule 6.10 was put in effect.
  1. What was the purpose for which Pioneer 11 was launched?
    It was launched to explore the outer solar system beyond the planet, Mars.
    Answered by Joe himself.
  2. What is major league baseball rule 6.10 about?
    It is the designated hitter rule for the American League.
    Answered by Ed Palomba.
  3. Who was the first designated hitter and what pitcher did he face?
    Ron Bloomberg of the Yankees was walked by Luis Tiant of the Red Sox
    Answered by Steve Alminas.
#639 Ed Palomba who took the $10.
#621 Larry Tracy who took the $5.  Ed and Larry attributed it to “birthday-boy luck”!
#649 Kevin Mayo who made a joke that Milt pulled out the queen of hearts for him and then pulled the queen of hearts, placing an air of suspicion and collusion into the drawing itself.  Kevin won $85, but Milt couldn’t give him the winnings.  Milt left Kevin to find the money himself.
There was a minor kerfuffle about the total amount being $95 v. $85, but it was settled by the trusty sheet that keeps the money totals and dates.
As there was no speaker, and the meeting was opened up for announcements:
Carol:  Brought flyers for the Rotary International Conference in Atlanta 10-14 June.
            Milt is trying to talk his wife into going.
            Pre-PETS is happening on 10 May at the Holiday Inn.  New members are encouraged to attend.  Tickets are half price for new members!
            Rotary Zone Institute is coming to Hartford 16 October.
Kathy: Soliciting the membership for speaker ideas.  Get her the info on the speaker and she will begin the coordination process.
Ed:      The Paul Harris Dinner will be 09 June.
Kiran:  Cinco K Mayo Race will be 06 May.  We still need more sponsors due to a decrease in support from prior sponsors.  Joyce suggested that Rotary members donate $25 each and use it as an opportunity to advertise for the club.  $250 (ten members) would get the club on the shirt.
Respectfully recorded and edited (for humor) by Adrian Garcia Sega