President Kevin Mayo brought the meeting to order. Ed Sharpless led us in the Pledge of Allegiance, Kevin led the 4 way test & Gena Fitzgerald gave our invocation.

Today’s guest included Sarah Marella of Rich’s Oil, guest of her father Rich Tkacz; and Kathy Barron of The Network, guest of Christ Casey.

Ed Palomba announced two of our club’s three Paul Harris recipients. . . drum roll. . . CONGRATS to Scott Kaupin & Joe Fallon for this well deserved honor! The celebration dinner will be FRIDAY, June 12th.  Please mark your calendars!

Larry Tracey celebrated a big birthday on April 3rd & Kate Garvey will be celebrating half that birthday on April 12th!  Martha McLeod celebrates 12 years with the club on April 9th.


- Gail is going to be a grandma & it’s a boy!!

- Scott K says Thank you for the nomination.

- Cindy M is celebrating a lady Huskies Win of their 10th National Championship

- Larry gave for his bday & the UConn women’s win

- Martha for her anniversary & UConn

- Kate is celebrating her birthday with a trip to DC to visit her best friend who is just like her. . . watch out DC!

- Ed S. is happy to be back & even happier he missed the winter here in NE!

- Jo Ann is happy she got lucky enough to win her NCAA pool & has some extra $$ for the happy!

- Dick S. – is happy he missed most of this winter & is back & updated us on Dave Drinan’s recovery after surgery to have stents put in.

- Joyce gave to congratulate Scott & Joe

- Eric is happy the Red Sox won & it’s his son’s 13th bday

- Kiran gave for UConn & his 43rd wedding anniversary!!!

- Ed P is happy for Joe & Scott’s nominations as well as a whirlwind trip where he played golf in FL at his son’s private club, visited the 2nd largest aquarium in the world in Atlanta, stopped by Reynolds plantation & even made it to the Masters in Augusta before coming back to reality. 

- Rich is happy he was able to retire as Jack Diamond Private Eye, just in time to make his cruise to of the Western Caribbean. He is now detoxing from the all inclusive drink package that was thrown in on their trip!

- Chris C. is happy for Joe & Scott

- Kathy Barron is looking forward to joining the club.

- Mike H. gave for Joe & Scott, welcomed back Ed Sharpless & had a great Easter especially since his 95 year old father accepted his son’s offer to pick him up for a ride instead of driving himself up to Enfield.

- Nick is happy for Joe & Scott

History/Mystery minute by Joe Fallon

April 8, 1913 102 Years ago the 17th Amendment to the US Constitution became law.

1 – What does the 17th amendment provide?  Direct Election of US Senators

2 – How were Senators chosen before the 17th amendment?  Elected by State legislatures

3 – Ratification required the approval of 36 states.  Which state ratified first & which was 36th? Massachusetts was 1st & Connecticut 36th


Queen of Hearts

Jack drew the Jack of spades so the pot continues to grow while Ed Sharpless won the $10 & Jo Ann W. won the $5.


Rotary Foundation Minute

Ed P. went over the 6 areas of focus of Rotary Foundation. 

  • - Peace and conflict prevention/resolution
  • - Disease prevention and treatment
  • - Water and sanitation
  • - Maternal and child health
  • - Basic education and literacy
  • - Economic and community development

He also gave us examples of what different levels of giving form $100 - $1000 can do for many around the world in addressing these issues.


Incoming President Nick wants the club’s input/ideas for a community service project to qualify for the Foundation Grant. Please bring ideas to the next meeting as we have to send in the proposal by May 1st.

Kate gave us an update on Career Shadowing.  Most students have been placed & we are just looking to finish up a few. Next week is the day!  

Cinco K Mayo – runner sign ups & sponsors are trickling in. If all Rotarians would please reach out to anyone they know who might be interested in running, walking or sponsoring!!

Joyce is offering to donate $100 to the Foundation for any member of the club 62 or older who finishes the race!!

Program: Nutmeg Senior 


Mike Helechu introduced our speaker, Margaret Smith-Hale of Nutmeg Senior Rides (Formerly ITN – Independent Transportation Network).  Margaret has spoken to the club before but wanted to update us on some changes & statistics.

Two numbers she asked us to remember were 12 & 8.  Roughly 12% of people in the workforce are caregivers & they cost all of us about 8% in increased health insurance premiums due to additional stress & illness. 

Nutmeg Senior Rides is a link to independence & quality of life. They are a 24/7 door-to-door transportation service for seniors & vision impaired. They recently changed their minimum age requirement from 60 to 50 to assist more people. They are able to run with volunteers supplemented by part time paid drivers. Thanks to this mix, they have not run out of capacity to help anyone who calls.  

The cost is $4 for pickup & $1.50 per mile as well as a $40 annual fee. The service improves access to healthcare & allows people to age in place. They are a 501(c)3 entity and they provide about 730 rides per month.  

The cost of rides can be paid by the family of the rider or some have even donated their cars & been given a credit based on the value of the car. Drivers do not have to have a livery license due to an exemption passed by the state legislature.

They are always looking for additional volunteers & have software available to make choosing when & where you give rides quite easy for anyone with a busy schedule that would still like to help out.

Meeting was Adjourned at 1:26 after some additional discussion on community service project ideas.

Guest Editor: Jo Ann Walk