Enfield Rotary Club Spur                                                                                                 Aug. 16, Meeting open by Kevin Mayo at 12:15 filling in for President Carol.
Pledge of Allegiance by Mike Helachu
4 Way Test: Kevin Mayo
Prayer lead by Chris Leary
The meeting opened with about 60 Rotary and guests. The purpose of today's meeting was the presentation of scholarship to deserving students who were junior and seniors in college. A total of $13,750.00 were presented to 12 college student and 2 vocational scholarships . The scholarships varied from $2000.00 to $500.00. Lindsey Webber, president of the scholarship foundation, introduced Dave Drinan who gave a brief history of the scholarship program and introduced the Rotarians who gave the scholarships to the student after giving a outline of their academic and social accomplishments. Our Sergeant of Arms.,  Jo Ann Walk skipped the fines today due to time limitation of the program. The winners of the raffles were: Keith Madore, $10.00, Rich Tkacz ,$5.00 and Derek Meade, king of diamonds. Joe Fallon was able to squeeze in the history mystery question while introducing one of scholarship recipients. Kevin Mayo reminded the club of the after 5:00 meeting at Lulu's Thursday. Mike Helachu reminded all scholarship recipients to stay for a photo shoot following the meeting. A good time was had by all. Meeting adjourned  at 1:42 p.m.
 Respectfully, submitted,
Dick Stevens
Spur edition for the day.
Scholarship Winners: