SPUR ---August 23, 2017


President Carol rang the bell precisely at 12:15. Your erstwhile scribe was well aware of this - as Joe Fallon was sitting across from me and waving his cell phone, with the time displayed, and beginning to lobby for a fine if she delayed one more minute. She did not.

Dave O’Connor led the pledge to our flag, President Carol the Four Way Test and me, Dave Drinan, the opening prayer.

There were no guests, and no visitors, but plenty of happy and sad dollars. Milt Rosenberg revealed 32 years of perfect attendance and Scott Kaupin some dental implants which have left him looking like a defenseman for the Boston Bruins after catching a stick in the teeth.

We received “thank you” notes from Ryan Obedzynski from EFRC for the opportunity to speak to us on the 9th and for our donation of school supplies and backpacks. Also sending thanks was Libby Vandal for our help with her trip to the HOBY World Leadership Congress.

Joe Fallon stumped us with questions about the execution of two miscreants exactly 90 years ago on August 23, 1927 as Sacco and Vanzetti went to the “chair” at the Charlestown MA State Prison. Fifty years later they were proclaimed as unfairly convicted by who (?) Michael Dukakis. This Harvard law professor and subsequent Supreme Court Justice argued for a retrial of the two (?) Felix Frankfurter. The first names of these two were (?) Nicola and Bartolommeo. (Couple of Irish lads? - Just kidding – I’m Irish.)


Our program was presented by Bill Squires who attended the Rotary International Convention in Atlanta this past spring. Bill focused on three main topics from the convention – as outlined in the three words: “Rotary”, “International” and “Convention” He presented comments on each of the words and their significance for him as he shared Rotary fellowship with an intimate little gathering of 40,000 Rotarians and guests from around the world.  He even got to break bread with former Enfield Rotarian Ed Sharpless who sent his regards to all his friends in Enfield.

President Carol then rang the bell to send us streaming out into the pre-fall sunshine to accomplish our endeavors and tasks of the afternoon. For me it was typing up these comments and then a nap.

Dave Drinan