Spur                            August 30, 2017                                
Pledge of Allegiance-  Carol
4 Way test
Invocation-   Joe Fallon
Presidents remarks- spoke about Rotary help for hurricane victims.
Happy /sads/ bdays/anniversaries - Sargeant at Arms (for the day) :
Lots of $ re Hurricane Harvey
Joes History Mystery Minute- Theodore Samuel Williams born in San Diego. Well known as last major league baseball player to bat over .400 for season.
  1. What nickname given to him by equipment manager?  The Kid
  2. What Red Sox GM said “It wasn’t hard to find Williams. He stood out like a brown cow in a field of white cows”  Eddie Collins
  3. In last major league at back Williams hit a home run vs what pitcher?  Jack Fisher
Raffle Winners
Card- Kiran
$10- Larry
$5- Steve Damon
Speaker- ??
Club Announcements-Amber Alert in September; contact Mike Helechu
Toys For Joy in Dec- Sandy Zukowski
Wine Tasting in March
Pancake B’fast in Nov or Dec
Road Race is May 5
Chris Casey looking to form new Membership Committee
East Longmeadow Rotary clam bake Sept 20-contact Carol for details
Saintfrancisdonor.com/Events/eventView.asp?EventID=78 is link for Marathon being run by Kiran. Contributions welcome thru link.
Meeting Adjourned @ :