Enfield Rotary August 10, 2016 Spur
President Greg Stokes opened the meeting at 12:15
Pledge of Allegiance led by Dick Stevens
Four Way Test led by Lindsey Weber
Invocation by Mike Helechu
Guests & Visitors:
              Keith Madore, Guest of Chris Casey
              Michele Tracey, Guest of Larry Tracey
              Julie Cotnoir, Guest of Sandy Zukowski
Guests of Scholarship Recipients were introduced by recipient or hosts.
Sargent of Arms – birthdays, anniversaries and happy/sad dollars
  • Lindsey birthday and happy for scholarship recipients
  • Sandy Zukowsky club anniversary and happy for scholarship recipients
  • Kevin Mayo happy for scholarship recipient, certain Boston team and Rotary After 5 at Buona Vita Restaurant on 8/18
  • Scott Kaupin congratulated scholarship recipient Adam Scavotto and happy to be heading back to the Cape
  • Jerry Bell back from San Antonio from conference and round of golf
  • Mike Helechu happy for scholarship recipients and hopeful for the Yankees
  • Bill Squires was at baseball game
  • Larry Tracey happy for scholarship recipients and their parents
  • Cheryl Leary happy for scholarship recipients and sent hello wishes to Chris Leary who was sitting at another table this week
  • Kate Garvey proud mom and happy Cape vacation
  • Milt Rosenberg happy for scholarship recipients and going to Cooperstown
  • Joyce Keating happy for scholarship recipients and looking at colleges for her grandson Owen
  • Guest Adam Scavotto , school starts in three weeks dollar
Attorney Joe Fallon’s History Minute
On August 10, 1850 Millard Fillmore was inaugurated as the 13th President of the United States
1.) Elected as vice-president in 1849 he became President when who died? Zachary Taylor
2.) What political party was Fillmore a member of when he was elected? The Whig Party
3.) What University in Western New York did he help to found? University of Buffalo
Raffle: Guest Pam Maynard - $10.00; Nick Deni - $5.00 and Joe Fallon the card but not the Queen of Hearts! Sorry Joe.
Today’s meeting was the Scholarship Awards Luncheon. Jerry Bell welcomed everyone stating that over a quarter of a million dollars has been given in scholarships since its inception. This year, $12,000 will be distributed in scholarships. Enfield Rotary members, who hosted students, introduced them to the club and presented them with their scholarship check. Those who received scholarships and their hosts were:
Amy Jacques – Junior, Elms College - Nursing  Roger Mullins Award, $2,000 - hosted by Chris Leary 
Jason Menaker – Junior, Westfield State University – Criminal Justice  Charles Nirenberg Award, $2,000 – hosted by Cheryl Leary 
Jacob Mikullitz – Junior, University of Connecticut – Ecology and Revolutionary Biology  Theodore P. Tenerowicz Family Award, $1,000 - hosted by Jo Ann Walk 
Abigale Shaughnessy– Junior, University of Maine – Marine Biology  Irene Tranghese  and Ella B Affhauser Award, $1000 – hosted by Nick Deni 
Adam Scavotto – Senior, American International College – Nursing  Dr. Edward A. Palomba, $1,000 – hosted by Scott Kaupin 
Rachel Kaliff – Senior, Springfield College – Athletic Training  Robert and Irma Squires Award, $1,000 – unable to attend 
Ian Maynard – Junior, University of Connecticut – Math  Robert B. Berger Award, $1,000 – hosted by Milton Rosenberg 
Heather Murray– Senior, Eastern Connecticut State University – Business Administration, HR Management  Richard E. Stevens Award, $1,000 – hosted by Sandy Zukowski 
Haley Cotnoir – Senior, High Point University – Business Administration  Omer S. Muchmore, Jr. Award, $1,000 – hosted by Michael Helechu  
In addition to the scholarships listed above, this year, we also presented two vocational scholarships of $500 each to seniors at  Enfield High School and Fermi High School.