Spur               August 12, 2015
Pledge of Allegiance - Dave O’Connor
4-Way Test - President Nick
Invocation - Steve Damon
Guests - surprise guest of Steve Damon: Gene Cantor, a retired Rotarian from our Club who now resides in Florida.
Happy /sads/ bdays/anniversaries – Sergeant-at-Arms
Kevin Mayo played Sergeant at Arms today.
Club anniversary- Sandy Z
Chris Casey- Myrtle Beach vacation
Jerry- in St Louis but could not golf. . . airplane delays
Joyce got volunteered to be the Fun Golf Tournament chair
Joe’s History Mystery Minute - today is Mickey Mantle Day. August 12, 1964 he hit record home runs from both sides of the plate for 10th time. . . a record that still stands today. (Side question - Martha what is this?). August 12, 1974 Mantle and teammate Whitey Ford both inducted into Baseball Hall of Fame. August 12, 1995 Mickey Mantle passed to the Field of Dreams.
Busy day.
Raffle Winners
Card -  Jeff T
$10 – Eric M
$5 - Sandy Z
Speaker- District Governor Kyong Wilson from the Bristol Club spoke to us today. She provided us a very witty presentation about herself and Rotary. DG Kyong did reflect that our President Nick is a good President (for now).
She declared that she has no prepared speech for us. Rather, she treated us to a rolling dialogue of her life experiences and interaction with Rotary.
Our DG did key in on “Who’s Life Can You Change?” She shared her experience on her first job at the bank, how it led to her involvement with Rotary. Speaking of her first Foundation Dinner, where she received a Paul Harris award, this truly opened her eyes to Rotary. A strong supporter of Interact and Rotaract, DG Kyong truly believes in supporting children, providing education for a better life and mentoring to share your gifts with others.
Club Announcements-
Don’t forget the Rotary & Friends Social at Nick Deni’s home August 21 at 6:00.
District did approve our grant application for Walking/Jogging Path & Amphitheater at the Rotary Playground.
Meeting Adjourned @ : in overtime
Guest Editor: Jack Welch