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    Minutes of the August 3, 2016 Meeting of the Enfield Rotary Club at the Holiday Inn at Enfield, Connecticut.
    It was one of those perfect summer days – The sun was shining, a breeze was blowing, the birds were singing and the lawnmower was broken – James Dent
    Meeting gaveled to order at 12:15 p.m. by President Greg Stokes
    Opening Pledge:   Christine Casey
    4 Way Test:           Bobbie Mizurek
    Invocation:             Kevin Mayo
    Remember “ Everyone you will ever meet know something that you don’t” – Bill Nye
    Chris Casey hosted Keith Madore of Asnuntuck Community College
    Larry Tracey was accompanied by his better half, Michelle Tracey
    Sandy Zukowski  feted Julie Cotnoir
    Sgt-at-Arms: Kevin Mayo
    Sgt. Mayo announced that he and the worthy scribe, Joe Fallon, were celebrating birthdays on August 7. (Now you know how he gets so many correct answers on the History quiz).
    He further announced Joyce Keating’s 29th club anniversary.
    Carol Bohnet celebrated her granddaughters first birthday. She also was happy that Allied Rehab received grants from the State of Connecticut.
    Ed Palomba waxed philosophical about the recent Yankee baseball trades and kept us up to date on his undefeated softball team. Clearly he wasn’t speaking about then Yankees when he used the word “undefeated”
    Jerry Bell was happy for his recent rotary golf experience and even more happy that he gets to go to San Antonio and go there as well.
    Joann Smith offered a happy $5.00.
     She was followed by Bill Squires who offered a sad dollar for the passing of a good friend and mentor, a happy dollar for a good time with his family and a very happy dollar for some possible great advances in ending the scourge of polio.
    Joe Fallon offered a donation to the Enfield Rotary scholarship Fund for his birthday celebration and agreed with Dick Stevens that it is better to be seen than viewed.
    President Greg Stokes offered a happy birthday dollar.
    Mike Helechu reported that Ed Sharpless is alive and well in New Jersey, that he appreciated the fact that his teammates carried him In the golf tournament on Monday, that the Yankees should do well in 2018 and that the Allied blood drive will be on August 23, 2016.
    Kirhan Majmudar is happy/sad  that his daughter and her family go to Brazil as part of the US embassy staff and that he and Yogini will get to visit them there.
    Joyce Keating was very happy to celebrate her 29th club anniversary.
    Sandy Zukowski was happy for family visits.
    Kathy Barron was happy for a great golf experience on Monday.
    Chris Casey celebrated a great time in Rhode Island (little Chris and little rhody-seems appropriate).
    Bobbie Mizurek wrapped up the comments with an overall happy-happy.
    HISTORY MYSTERY - Joe Fallon
    August 3, 1923
    John Calvin Coolidge, Jr.  was sworn into office as the 30th President of the United States after the untimely death of Warren Harding.
  • What was distinctive about the birthday of Coolidge?
  • He is the only President born on the 4th of July – July 4, 1872.
  • Prior to holding Federal office, what political position did Coolidge hold?
  • Governor of Massachusetts
  • Who administered the Presidential oath of office to Coolidge?
  • His father, John Calvin Coolidge, a Vermont notary public.
    Dick Stevens - $10.00
    Julie Cotnoir - $5.00
    Joann Smith –Jack of Diamonds (not a girl’s best friend)
    I never learned anything while I was talking – Larry King.
    Chris Casey announced that she and Erik Moody were chairing the Rotary wine tasting which will be held on September 29, 2016. The will be having a committee meeting for all interested I n helping them on next Wednesday, August 10, 2016 at 11:30 am at the hotel.
    Kevin Mayo reminded everyone that the meeting on August 10 (next week) is the Scholarship luncheon and urged all to be present.
    Joyce Keating inquired whether there was any interest in a general anyone golf tournament as was once hosted by John Adams. President Stokes and Joyce will consult on the issue.
    President Stokes reminded everyone that our Rotary District Governor will be at our August 17, 2016 meeting.

    Kirhan Majmudar introduced our guest speaker, Kirti D. Patel, the CEO of Eppindorf of Enfield. Mr. Patel gave an expansive and informative presentation on the mission and focus of Eppindorf. The company commenced business in Germany as a startup of two scientists. It has now grown into a multimillion dollar enterprise whose main focus is to improve living conditions. The company oversees the production of very high-end equipment that handles liquids, cells and samples. Sustainability is the watchword of the company. The Enfield operation produces roughly 19% of all company revenues and employs approximately 315 people. Mr. Patel and Eppindorf are quite proud of their association with Asnuntuck Community College and their combined efforts which have resulted in multi-faceted courses to educate and train skilled technicians.
    The meeting was closed by President Greg Stokes at 1:33 p.m.
    Respectfully submitted,
    Guest Editor Substitute Joe Fallon pitch hitting for the far more capable Lindsey Weber