SPUR                                                                                                                             December 23, 2015
Pledge of Allegiance- Joyce Keating
Four Way Test- Dave Drinan
Prayer- Greg Stokes
Visitors- Owen visitor of Joyce Keating
Belles were given out at the trail table.  President Nick thanked everyone for all they do for Rotary.  Everyone stood and rang their bells and sang “Jingle Bells”
Sargeant A V Arms- Finer for No
Holiday Colors-
Happy/ Sads-
Carol Bohner- Daughter will
Sev Doctorate
Molt Rosenberg- Wished everyone a Merry Christmas
Kate Ganeg- Merry Christmas to everyone
Larry Tracey-welcomed Mary Aenalte back to’
Mike Helech- Welcomed two new members
Jack Welch- New Tax prepared in
Town- Cindy Mangini
Cindy Mangini- gave some toys for Toys for Joy
Scott Kampin- Did Toys for Joy.  Really enjoyed it!
Rich Tkcacz- sad dollar for warm temperatures
Jim Kuhn- Attended Democratic National Debate and drove the Zamboni at St. Anselm College!
Kevin May- Happy new members are here
Linsey Weber- attended son’s class
Joyce Keating- Grandson made high honors
Joe Fallon- Mystery minute-
December 29, 2010
In honor of the Christmas season, we have three questions. 
  1. Who was the most famous reindeer of all?Rudolph the Red- Nosed reindeer
  2. What did the traffic cop say to Frosty the Snowman? Stop
  3. What did my true love give me on the Twelfth Day of Christmas?Twelve Drummers Drumming
December 23, 1972- 43 Years ago
Charles Atlas died in Long Beach, New York.
  1. What was the name of the physical process that he employed to sell his concept of body building? Dynamic Tension
  2. If you followed his exercise program, you would be transformed into a muscular beach hero from what?A scrawny 97 pound weakling
  3. What was the birth name of Charles Atlas?Angelo Siciliano
Raffle- Pick cards- Nick Deni
               $10- Kevin May
               $5- Joe Fallon
Business Meeting-
               Drake Drinan- to receive $4,900 for scholarship to be named for individual to be named later
               Kate Garvey is going to Disney World to run in the Dopey Challenge
               Rotary Basketball Tournament is going great- help is needed Monday and Tuesday
               Looking at having a Rotary SuperBowl Pool
               Contractor is starting at the Library Tuesday December 29 to construct the walkway
Tina, our watress, was given her holiday trip
Rotary Youth exchange- Looking for ways to reach out to students.  Flyers will be passed out at the basketball games.
Allyson Rodricks and Mary Arcouette were inducted into the club.  We welcome them.  As you may remember Mary was a prior member and 2005 President of our Club.
The meeting ended at 1:09
Respectfully submitted,
Jim Kuhn, Scribe