Enfield Rotary Spur
Wednesday: December 28, 2016
President Greg Stokes opened the meeting promptly at 12:15 PM.
Flag Salute:              Joyce Keating
Four Way Test:       Jack Welch
Invocation:             Kevin Mayo
A lovely lunch provided by the Holiday Inn included such delectable items as fried chicken, roast beef in gravy with baked potatoes, salad and dessert.
Guests included visiting Rotarian Dale Nelson of the East Windsor Rotary Club and Carol Sauerhoefer (guest speaker) and her daughter Abby.
Sergeant at Arms, Kevin Mayo, announced that other than for a club anniversary for Mary Arcouette, there were no other birthdays or anniversaries to celebrate this week.
Happy/Sad Dollars
  • Carol Bohnet announced that she was not present for two meetings.
  • Eric wished everyone a Happy New Year
  • Greg Stokes wished all a happy New Year and announced that he will not be present next week.  Scott Kaupin will preside over the coming Rotary meeting.  Greg also congratulated Carol Bohnet on her election to the presidency of the Enfield Rotary Club for the next Rotary year.
  • Scott Kaupin announced the Girls Basketball Tournament at Enfield HS taking place this evening at 5:30 and 7:00.  If the snow is problematic tomorrow evening, the games will be rescheduled.  All help will be appreciated.
  • Mike H welcomed Dale and Carol and Abby from the East Windsor Rotary Club.  He also announced the fact that Santa brought him a kayak for Christmas.  He is determined to lose some weight so that he doesn’t displace too much water when he sits in his kayak either fishing, taking pictures, reading, or contemplating which came first – the chicken or the egg.  Mike also announced that the Lego Millennium Falcon will return to the Enfield Public Library at the close of its galactic tour through the empire. Mike closed his comments by wishing a happy new year for the New York Yankees and the Patriots. 
  • Joe Fallon gave a “Leave Early Dollar.”
Chris L - $10
Mike H - Card
Kevin M = $5
Joe’s Mystery Minute
William Mitchell, the son of a prominent Wisconsin senator was born in Nice, France.
  1. Mitchell is generally regarded as the Father of what military service?
    1. The US Air Force
  1. What airplane is named after him?
    1. B-25 Mitchell Bomber
  1. What famous World War I fighter ace testified for Mitchell at his court martial in 1925?
    1. Eddie Rickenbacker
Carol Sauerhoefer gave a presentation on mitochondrial disease.  Her daughter Abby, who suffers from a mitochondrial disease was present.  Mitochondria are specialized organelles within a cell that produce energy for the cell to thrive.  When the mitochondria fail to work, the impact on organ systems and the entire body can be quite extensive.  Such disorders as autism and Alzheimer’s disease can be the result of mitochondrial malfunction. 
Information on their program states that, “Inspired by their daughter Abby and the overwhelming support of East Windsor and the surrounding communities, the Sauerhoefer family formed Abby’s Helping Hand.  Established in 2013, its mission is to improve the lives of those afflicted with mitochondrial and other chronic diseases through support, education, and research.”  The organization serves East Windsor and the surrounding communities by providing support for in-home services, medical equipment, and scholarships.  More information can be obtained at www.abbyshelpinghand.com.
Abby’s Helping Hand as an organization conducts several fundraising events throughout the year.  These events include an annual walk in April, a Ladies Brunch in November.  In 2011, when they conducted the first “Walk for Abby” they raised over $50,000.  The following year, they raised $45,000. 
On February 11, 2017, there will be Abby’s Helping Hand Winter Gala from 6:00 to 11:00 PM at Maneely’s Banquest and Catering, 65 Rye Street, South Windsor, CT.  There will be dinner and dancing and a 50/50 raffle. 
Dr. Cheryl A. Leary
Guest Spur Editor