Rotary meeting 12/06/17
  • Pledge:   Derrick
  • Prayer:  __Rev. Stokes________
  • 4 way test: _Carol ____________
  • Guest:  Mike Vezzola, NCCC
  • Any other guests/visitors None
CAROL reminders/announcements: 
  • Pancake Breakfast 12/9, 6:30 am – 11
  • Toy Drive Wednesday 12/13 new toys preferably 4-8 year olds
  • Basketball Tournament, 12/28 & 29 at EHS
  • Wine Tasting Thursday, 3/1/18 still in progress
  • Webinars can be make-ups
Other Announcements:
  • Scott ad book for the Basketball Tournament due by 12/18 for printing
    • Hall High Ridgefield & Weaver High School, Hartford.
  • Lou stated Lindsey was going to do the craft table at the Pancake breakfast for the children.  Also, there will be a bake sale so if anyone wants to bring items to sell that would be great!!
Madam Secretary - Happy/Sads:  
  • Lindsey 13 years club anniversary
    • Lindsey did an IOU $1.00
  • Ed- happy wife BD next Tues
    • Also, happy he was doing some Santa gigs and he had one “MAN CHILD” who sat on his lap
  • Joe Fallon – was happy he was the MAN CHILD who got to sit on Santa’s lap
    • But was sad Santa good grant his wish to be 17 again…
      • Joe you don’t look a day over 21
  • Jim K – happy he and his wife were able to go to Iowa and see a friend’s son play basketball. The team is now 3rd in the country.
    • Jim and his wife have visited 48 of 50 states
      • Alaska & North Dakota left
  • Greg – Sad 15 years mom passed away –cancer
    • Happy daughter BD 40 years old and cancer free
  • Scott – happy AGAIN at the Cape (does he ever stop J)
    • Sad his mom has cancer and is in hospice (Say prayers everyone)
    • Question for our guest Mike – why don’t you join Rotary
  • Keith – is so happy and excited about ACC sponsoring 10 children for The Network and his office is packed J (THANKS KEITH)
  • Julie- Happy Anniversary Lindsey
  • Chris L- Sad for Santa in the Mall – he had no visitors to hohoho with
    • Happy he & Cheryl are going to Florida for 3 months leaving in 2 weeks
  • Nick – is having a birthday on Friday (21st????)
    • Question if everyone can remember their age – he can’t  
  • Dr. D – reminder of 2 breakfasts this week
    • Friday, Pizza Palace 8:00 am
    • Saturday, Pancake Breakfast
  • Kiran – BD and he remembers he will be 71!!!
  • Joyce – Happy because she is having a “GIRLS PARTY” WOOHOO at her home and asked them to bring a gift for Toys for Joy
    • She will bring them in next week
  • Sandy- reminded everyone about Toys for Joy next week
    • Needs are money or toys for 4-8 year olds
  • Adrian – his Birthday is Saturday (does he know his age?)
    • Missed a few meetings
    • Happy to see his son and daughter at the age they could enjoy the Polar express train ride.
Cards:  Derrick $10, Scott $5, Greg Card 7spades
Gentleman Joe History Mystery:  December 6, 1947
The Everglades National park was dedicated by President Harry Truman making it the largest tropical wilderness in the US.
  1. The Everglades is the 3rd largest nation park in the US. What 2 parks are larger
    1. Death Valley & Yellowstone
  2. What is the name of the so-called “Inland Sea” of FL that feeds much of its water into the Everglades?
    1. Lake Okeechobee
  3. The Everglades are home to both the American Croc & American Alligator. What is the easiest way to tell the difference between the two?
    1. Look at their snouts. Alligator is u-shaped & Croc snout is v-shaped
Guest speaker Mike Vezzola, NCCC president spoke to us about collaboration and creation of synergy between Chamber & Rotary. He recognized Larry Tracey for his hard work and hopes to be able to fill his shoes as he is now in his 2nd year and has rebuilt the foundation in which the chamber can now build upon. He spoke about the importance of adapting to change especially with technology and social media. He hopes to launch new platforms in 2018 which the Chamber can build upon and create more participation in members. He thanked Rotary for asking him to join and speak today for our relationships are important because we all are here to support the community. He hopes to build up all relationships.  He expressed he would more than likely join Rotary in 2018.   
Thanks Mike for bringing the Chamber back up and around!!!
  • Carol presented to Mike V. book was donated to the library in his name. “HIT REFRESH”
  • Carol gave Milt his 30 year perfect attendance pin
Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Barron