Spur February 8, 2017
Pledge of AllegianceMilt
4 Way testChris Casey 
Invocation- Pres Kevin himself
Happy /sads/ bdays/anniversaries - Sargeant at Arms (for the day) :
            Bryan Chodkowski b’day
            The Learys anniversary
            Nick Deni & Lou Bolduc celebrated Club anniversaries
            EdPalomba & Rich Tkacz both in Myrtle Beach for, what else,  Golf
            JoAnn Mom is well after surgery
            Jerry Bell speaking re Genetics at Bay Path College after a short detour
              to Asnuntuck
            Mike Helechu had a bunch of $ for Patriots….not bad from a Giants fan
            Carol PETS training went well
Sergeant Milt fined for Rotary pins today.
Joes History Mystery Minute-   
What is Boy Scout motto?  “Be prepared”
What is Boy Scout slogan?  “Do a good deed daily”
What is name of Chicago publisher who founded Scouts?  “WD Bryce”
Raffle Winners
Card- Kiran….drawn by Joyce
$10Ed Palomba
$5- Larry Tracey
SpeakerBusiness Meeting. Items of interest:
  • Need a Community Service Director for next year
  • District Conference April 28-30 in Providence
  • Installation Dinner June 22
  • Proposed new Club member – Ryan Lawless of Longmeadow, classification- Insurance
    Club Announcements-
    Meeting Adjourned @ :