SPUR January 10, 2018
President Carol started the meeting at 12:15. Pledge: Eric Moody. 4-Way Test: Carol. Invocation: Greg Stokes.
Carol was pleased to see a large crowd for today’s meeting after some holiday doldrums. We were all pleased to see Ed Palomba, Nick Deni and Scott Kaupin, whose families recently experienced unexpected losses. Your fellow Rotarians are keeping you in their thoughts and prayers; many contributed sad dollars and expressed their condolences.
Sergeant-at-Arms* Jo Ann Walk started Happy/Sad dollars with a note of appreciation to Milt R., who shared his sandwich at the Membership Committee meeting. She thanked Rich T. for fixing her hot water heater and was happy for the warm weather.
- Julie C. was happy to be happy.
- Bryan C. had a few absences; sad for Buffalo Bills’ departure from post season play but happy they made it that far.
- Nick D. sad for family losses; happy for son in college and visiting Myrtle Beach.
- Scott K. happy to have Monday nights free, which has enabled him to join a setback league at Powder Hollow Brewery. Also noted that one of Rich T.’s brothers is in the league as well.
- Ed P. tempered family sorrow with happy news about his daughter’s engagement and learning that he is going to be a grandfather.
- Jerry B. was amused by the recent jail break because it brought to mind an episode from 1992 that had a humorous Rotary connection. Seems an escapee who was making his way down N. Maple Street happened to see clothes hanging on the line in the yard of Rotarian Roman Polanski. He grabbed one of Roman’s shirt off the line to aid his disguise, but was apprehended not long afterward. When his photo appeared in the paper, not only was he wearing Roman’s shirt, but his Rotary badge as well. Let that be a warning about taking your badge home after the meeting.
- Chris C. was happy for a grandchild, spending New Year’s at Myrtle Beach, and not too unhappy that her return was delayed by a couple of days because of snow storms.
- Rich T. appreciated Jo Ann’s kind words and said something about warm weather that I didn’t catch.
- Eric M. sad to have been sick recently but happy for the New Year.
- Bill S. was happy that his letter about singing the National Anthem made it into the Rotary magazine, but sad they didn’t list his club. Has been very happy traveling far and wide to sing the Anthem.
- Joyce K. volunteered $5 if Bill would sing the National Anthem at the end of today’s meeting.
- Mike H. was happy to have bowled a 221 in his “senior” league. And no, the bumpers weren’t up.
- Carol B. was happy for her grandchildren. She asked if business-owners in the audience would be willing to have Allied consumers visit their businesses for career explorations. She also noted that the Rotary Scholarship Foundation received a number of donations from Rotary families in memory of those who have recently passed.
Gentleman Joe Fallon stumped us completely with today’s History/Mystery.
January 10, 1984
The United States of America reestablished diplomatic relations with the Vatican. Officially known as The Holy See, after a period of 114 years since 1867 when Congress terminated funding diplomatic missions to the Holy See.
1. What is the title of the Vatican’s Ambassador to the United States?
A: Papal Nuncio
2. What caused Congress in 1867 to sever relations with the Vatican?
A: The then widespread belief that Catholics were responsible for the assassination of President Lincoln, particularly Mary Suratt, who was hanged for her involvement in Lincoln’s death.
3. Who was President Ronald Reagan’s choice to be the first modern era Ambassador to the Holy See?
A. William A. Wilson
Drawing: Scott $10; Bryan $5 in absentia, donated; Derek - not the Q.
Business Meeting
President Carol thanked everyone who works on committees, volunteers for projects and generally works behind the scenes to keep our club’s wheels turning. She highlighted Jack Welch, who is scheduling SPUR editors, and Kathy Barron, who is arranging speakers. Kathy will be turning over program scheduling responsibilities to Jason Neely, so if you have any suggestions for speakers, please contact Jason at the Library or email him at jneely@enfield.org.
President Carol presented Bill Squires with a District Governor Citation.
We received a Thank You letter from the Warming Center for our donation.
Carol reported that the Board voted in favor of donating $2,500 to the Guatemala Water Project and $1,500 to the local Special Olympics program.
Rotary after 5 will meet at Chicago Sams this week.
Carol has info on “Rotary Means Business” if anyone is interested. A second event is planned.
Committee Reports
Jo Ann reported that the Membership Committee is discussing the creation of teams and a competition for recruiting new members to the club. They have several examples of successful club-building projects. Want to have a say? Please let Jo Ann know you’d like to attend the next meeting.
Scott says the final tally on Basketball Tournament proceeds should exceed $1,600, which is about $200 less than last year. He’s still in the process of collecting money from ads that appeared in the program. If you owe, please pay up. Scott will be meeting with the Athletic Director to determine the best use for this year’s donation. (Last year, we purchased chairs for the scorer’s table.)
Scott also reported on our projects in support of the Loaves & Fishes Soup Kitchen. A grease trap for which we donated was installed last October. A District Grant to provide a prep table and sink is in the works; we just need to determine what preparations need to be made in the kitchen prior to its installation. Scott is also working to schedule one night when Rotarians will prepare, serve and clean up for one meal. Leaning toward summertime, when a cookout and paper plates might be the key to an enjoyable night for all.
Chris reminded everyone to mark their calendars for the Wine Tasting on March 1. Tickets will be printed and available in a couple of weeks. SILENT AUCTION ITEMS and DESSERTS will be needed from club members along with TICKET SALES. Also, PLEASE DISTRIBUTE LETTERS AND DONATION FORMS to businesses far and wide that may contribute auction items. We will be celebrating the club’s 90th ANNIVERSARY.
Bill Squires thrilled us all with his typically professional rendition of the Star Spangled Banner to close our meeting on a very patriotic note. Thank you Bill.
Guest Editor: Mike Helechu