Spur                July 12  2017
Pledge of Allegiance- R Tkacz
4 Way test- 
Invocation- Chris Leary
Joes History Mystery Minute- Henry David Thoreau was a supporter of what famous Civil War abolitionist?  John Brown
What is title of his famous essay on individual rights?  Resistance to Civil Government
What did Thoreau say when asked if he made peace with God? “Did not know we quarreled”
Club Announcements-
Dues increasing to $125 per year
Make-ups should be submitted to Adrian
Rotary District golf tournament 8/7/2017 at Twin Hills -$135 fee
ZONE Institute on 10/20/2017 at Hartford Convention Center
B’fast meeting 7/14/2017 at Country Diner 0800 hours
Rotary After 5 7/27/2017 Buona Vita at 5:30
Backpak drive coming soon 7/26/2017
Pres Carol expressed thanks to Kevin Mayo for taking over as President last year
Pres Carol’s vision: would like to develop a strategic plan as a Club to include budgeting how we spend our money for local community projects, International Projects, Polio Plus, Foundation etc.  Would like to identify a strategic plan to support a multi-year project addressing basic human needs here in the Enfield community and Internationally.
Highlighted that Rotary is not just lunch and monetary support
All in all, an inspiring introduction to the upcoming Rotary agenda for the few who attended today
Meeting Adjourned @ :