Spur              July 19 2017
Pledge of Allegiance-            Larry Tracey
4 Way test-                             Pres Carol Bohnet
Invocation-                             Sean Stevens
Happy /sads/ bdays/anniversaries - Sargeant at Arms  : Jo Ann Walk
Birthdays - Cherky Leary, Greg Stokes, & Joyce Keating
Jo Ann - had a great trip to Salt Lake city in Denver 
Jerry Bell- had a great visit with kids and went to New York City
Kathy - successful tournament and thank you for the help of Chris Casey and Rich T.
Sandy - Happy to see her son
Kiran -happy about picture taken in Rio DeGenero next to a Rotary monument. Had a great trip to Brazil and went paragliding.
Julie - happy about guest speakers today and happy the Red Sox won
 Mike H. - 97 year old  dad moved in with him.
Carol - gave Birthday donation dollars including for her granddaughters birthday.
Chris L. - Happy to see some past students 
Sean - happy the Red Sox won
Chris Casey - Had a nice trip to Boston last weekend.
Cheryl- happy that Big Y made a donation to the pancake breakfast
Catherine - Happy to be working with fellow Rotary memebers on the Enfield TV talk show Senior Views. 
Mike H. Spoke about the club's 90th anniversary coming up next year. He is looking back through the clubs history to share with us every once in a while. 
Joe's history minute- July 19, 1922
George McGovern was born in Avon South Dakota and later served as the United States congressman and senator from South Dakota and was the 1972 presidential nominee of the Democratic Party.
1. Who was McGovern's choice to be vice president after he was selected to run as president?
Senator Thomas Eagleton
2. McGovern was discharged as a first lieutenant from what branch of the United States Armed Forces at the end of World War II?
Army Air Force
3. McGovern received 17 electoral votes in the 1972 presidential election where did he win to gain these votes?
Massachusetts and the District of Columbia 
Raffle Winners
Card- Chris Casey 4 of hearts
$10- Rich T.
$5-  Lou
Guest Speakers - Sherry Paquette & Tracy Ouellette from Asnuntuck's The Pantry 
The pantry started with a women's leadership institute social action project by Tracy Ouellette.
It took over two years to get the pantry started and it opened in February 2017. It is available to all students, regardless of their income and background. 24 students volunteer their time to help in the food pantry. They receive a lot of support from the Enfield's food shelf.