SPUR July 20, 2016
Allyson Rodricks
Kate Garvey started meeting at 12:17 pm

Pledge - Mike Helechu
4 way test - Kiran Majmudar
Grace - Dick Stevens

Meal was - chicken, beef, salmon, pasta and sauce, mixed veggies and salad

Guest and Visitors - Lynnette, (Jo Ann's mother)
Be Like Britt presenters - Julie Cotnoir, Joe Stalker and Andrew St Amand.

Happy / Sads
Kathy Baron - Happy golf tournament went well, and thanks to all that helped.
Jo Ann Walk - Happy her mom and sister are visiting from Missouri
Carol Bohnet - Happy to have Be like Britt presentation today.
Mike Helechu- happy for good weather, happy for the Yankees.
Julie Cotnoir (Asnuntuck Guest) - happy Greg Stokes is enjoying his birthday at the Cape.
Chris Casey - golf Tournament went well and happy to hear the be like Britt presentation.
Dick Stevens - happy went salmon fishing
Rich Tkacz - happy to be traveling next week
Kate Garvey - happy spent the weekend at the Cape

History Mystery
July 20th 1968

The first international Special Olympics Summer Games were held at Soldier's Field in Chicago

1. Who is generally considered to be the founder of Special Olympics?
Eunice Kennedy Shriver.
2. What foundation provided the initial funding for the first Special Olympics?
The Joseph P Kennedy Foundation
3. What is the oath of the Special Olympics?
Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.

Dick Stevens - won $10
Rich Tkacz - won $5
Eric Moody - drew card, Jack of clubs

Speakers were from the asnuntuck be like Britt trip to Haiti.  They talked about their trip in March. They explained they were well accepted by the community there. They really enjoyed being with the kids and being a part of building a house. They showed a short version of the video from their week there.  They explained the video was just a small piece of all the wonderful experiences they had. Julie Cotnoir will share the you tube link to the entire video.

Kate's thought for the day - Be Like Britt and do something to help others!

Meeting adjourned at 1:15 pm