Enfield Rotary SPUR – July 26, 2017
President Carol: Called the Meeting to Order with lightly tap of the Bell
Kiran Mujmudar: Lead us in the Pledge to the Flag
President Carol: Lead us in the Four-Way Test
Keith Madore: Followed with a Blessing
No Visiting Rotarians
Two (2) Guests: Murray and Priscilla Brayson – Enfield Loaves and Fishes (more to follow)
Seargant-at-Arms Joann Walk:
No Birthdays nor Anniversaries
Scott: Back from Vacation at Wellfleet on the Cape
Sandy: Leave Early Dollars
Keith: Back for an Australian Vacation/Trip and Leave Early
Julie: Happy to see Priscilla and Murray and Leave Early
Kevin: Vacation in Lancaster PA – Flat Tire on the Way Home – 2 Hour Wait for AAA!
Chris Leary: Cheryl is preparing her Blueberry Topping for the Pancake Breakfast and Chris gets to test the batches – thus the t-shirt (all his other shirts are now stained)
Nick: Back from Vacation RI and SC / Grandson’s First Birthday TODAY!
Carol: Granddaughter’s 2nd Birthday
Joann: Family visiting – Sister, Brother and Nephew / Old Saybrook visit
Gerry: Won’t be her next week – visiting his father in New Jersey
Ed: Vacation in RI / Golf Rematch with Nick (Victorious) and missed taking minutes on 07/12/2017;
But taking them today for Sean Stevens
Jersey Joe Fallon with our History/Mystery Minute
On this day in History… July 26, 1925…
William Jennings Bryan, Democratic populist and orator died on July 26, 1925,
Five days after completion of the famous Scopes Monkey trial where he had
Squared off against Clarence Darrow.
  1. What was the title of his famous speech at the 1896 Democratic Presidential convention?
    1. “The Cross of Gold”
  2. What was Bryan’s nickname?
    1. The Great Commoner
  3. From what position in the Wilson Administration did he resign in protest after Germany sank the Lusitania in World War I?
    1. United States Secretary of State
      Card – Nick Deni – 4 of Clubs
      $ 10.00 – Cheryl Leary
      $ 5.00 – Rich Tkacz
      President Carol: Announcements
      Zone Institute – Zones 24 & 32 – Leadership Conference
      Saturday, October 20, 2017 – Connecticut Convention Center – Ballroom
      Rotary International President 2017-18 – Ian Riseley and
      The First Woman Club President in Rotary – Sylvia Whitlock
      $ 45.00 per person – Lunch and Breakout Sessions
      Backpack and School Supply Drive – Lou Bolduc
      Need everything by August 9, 2017 Meeting
      Rotary District Golf Tournament – Monday, August 7, 2017
      Twin Hills CC – Longmeadow MA - $ 135.00 per person
      Enfield Club currently has one (1) team assembled
      Enfield Rotary After Five –
      Thursday, 07/27/2017 – Buena Vita in Enfield – North Maple Street
      Suffield Rotary Club Golf Tournament
      Friday August 11, 2017 – Oak Ridge CC
      District End Polio Fundraiser – Fun Night
      New Britain Bees Baseball Game
      Saturday, August 26, 2017
      Paul Harris Contact Information
      Looking to prepare a database of former Paul Harris recipients
      Non Club Members – Name, Address, Email, Telephone Number
      This way we can keep them informed of club events and Foundation Dinner
      If you have any of the information – please pass it on to Ed Palomba
      District Grant Update:
      Enfield Library Amphitheater – NO
      Enfield Loaves and Fishes – Prep Table – YES
      Wine Tasting Discussion
      Should we continue
      Change the Date
      Increase Attendance
      Committee was formed with Eric Moody at the helm
      Today’s Speaker(s)
      Scott Kaupin introduced Murray and Priscilla Brayson from the Enfield Loaves and Fishes
  1. Feeding People in Need – they call the “guests”
  2. Respect – two-ways for Volunteers and the Guests
  3. YTD they have fed over 70,000 meals – last year 125,000 total
  4. Adults and Children
  5. Feed the Educational Resources for Children – 140 children per day
  6. $ 200,000.00 Operating Budget (+/-)
  7. Networking for Support
  8. Over 200 volunteers (probably more)
  9. Voted Five-Star Soup Kitchen of the Year by Fox News
  10. Thanks to Rotary for your Support and Assistance
  11. Presented a check for $ 3,990.00 to the Enfield Loaves and Fishes for a new Grease Trap