Enfield Rotary Club SPUR July 27, 2016
President Greg opened the meeting at 12:15 p.m.
Joe Fallon led the Pledge of Allegiance
Scott Kaupin, with assistance, located the banner with the 4-Way Test. With more
assistance and after two or three false starts, he got the hang of it and finished
reciting the Test in record-breaking time (somewhere short of four minutes), leaving
Chris Leary to “thank God” for all of us.
Guest of Nick Deni: Catherine Williamson
Sgt. at Arms: Scott “I hope I can do this right” Kaupin. Still reeling from the 4-Way
Test, Scott let us off the hook for fines because it was such a nice day.
There were no birthdays or anniversaries, although some Rotarians fessed up to
being absent when the announcements were made in previous weeks.
- Joyce celebrated a “big” birthday by going on a cruise and watching the British
Open. She had to wear four layers (Scott shuddered) because it was so cold.
- Cheryl had $20 happy dollars (you should have seen how big Chris’ eyes got!) for
her recent birthday celebration that included spending time with Larry and Michele
- Chris was happy for his wife’s birthday (and sad for his wallet).
- Mike was happy to be part of an Enfield Rotary foursome (Scott twitched a bit) that
would be playing in the District 7890 tournament on Monday Aug. 1, including Kathy
Barron, Jerry Bell and Nick Deni.
- Nick was very excited to be a brand new grandparent for the first time. He also
spent some time at the beach, but said it was too hot.
- Jerry was looking forward to the District Tournament.
- Scott had a great vacation in Cape Cod.
- Stu had a leave early dollar.
- Greg went deep sea fishing for the first time in his life and caught a 36-inch blue
Joe Fallon’s History/Mystery—July 27, 1789
The very first Executive Department of the United States Government was
  • established.
    1. What was its name?
    A: Department of Foreign Affairs (now the State Department)
    2. In what Washington, D.C., neighborhood is the Dept. of State located (the name
    of which is also used as a nickname for the department)?
    A: Foggy Bottom
    3. The Secretary of State is the fifth in line of Presidential succession. Who is ahead
    of the Secretary?
    President, Vice President, Speaker of the House, and President Pro Tempore of the
    Raffle: $10: Lou; $5 Scott (good thing it wasn’t $4 and change); card: Eric
    - Scholarship Luncheon will be August 10.
    - District Governor’s Visit August 17; also last day for bringing in backpacks and
    school supplies.
    - President Greg has been in contact with the woman who has a complaint about
    the walking path at the Library; he will be making an appointment to meet with her.
    Past President Nick volunteered to accompany Greg.
    - President Greg read a certificate of appreciation received from the Loaves &
    Fishes Soup Kitchen.
    - Our Wine Tasting event is scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 29 at the Holiday Inn.
    Please mark you calendars.
    Guest Speaker: Ryan Obedzinski, Manager of Community Engagement for
    Educational Resources for Children (ERfC).
    Ryan started off by thanking the Enfield Rotary Club for its extensive support of
    ERfC programs, such as the annual backpack and school supplies drive, Summer
    Lunch Bunch and their fundraisers. He noted that Mass Mutual awarded ERfC a
    Community Impact Grant that is supporting nutrition and education activities and
    events such as “Tonight in Thompsonville.”
    This year’s Summer Lunch Bunch is running five days a week for eight weeks this
    year— June 27 - Aug. 19. It’s open to anyone who wants to come for a free meal.
    Ryan never knows how many children and family members will show up, but there’s
  • always enough food ready to serve. ERfC has been receiving outstanding support
    from the community for this effort, with many volunteers coming forward to prepare
    and serve food, play with and tutor the children, clean up, etc.
    The community has also provided an outpouring of support for the backpack
    program. Last year, Rotary and others came through with enough donations to give
    every child a backpack. They actually ran out the previous year. This year’s
    distribution day will be August 23rd at St. Patrick’s. Drop off sites include the Enfield
    Food Shelf and North Thompsonville Fire Dept.
    Ryan invited anyone interested in seeing the priceless looks on children’s faces to
    come over to St. Pat’s on the 23rd between 10 a.m. and noon. In answer to a
    question, Ryan stated that they don’t get enough school supplies geared toward 8th
    graders and high school students.
    It’s clear that Ryan enjoys serving the community and that he appreciates the value
    of service to others. He also appreciates the contributions that Rotary makes that
    serve to enhance what organizations like his bring to others. Thank you for sharing
    your time with us today.
    Guest Editor: Mike Helechu