Spur                July 5  2017
Pledge of Allegiance-            Derek
4 Way test-                             Pres Carol Bohnet
Invocation-                             Kevin Mayo
Presidents remarks-              At meeting start, Pres Kevin handed off the gavel to incoming President Carol
Happy /sads/ bdays/anniversaries - Sargeant at Arms  :
Jerry Bell- kids are in town
Nick-Tanglewood Concert
Numerous $ for new President Carol
Kevin M- son’s birthday and RED SOX ARE IN FIRST PLACE11111
Eric- neighbors finally used all of their fireworks
Carol-in Maryland to see new grandson
Chris-Myrtle Beach
Bill McGirk- nice to visit and god-son
Joes History Mystery Minute- One of two founders of Colony of Connecticut was born in England and later helper to write the first written Constitution that formed basis of all later democratic government.
What is name of that founder?           Thomas Hooker
What is name of the Constitution that he helped write?                   The Fundamental      Orders of Connecticut
 Who is generally recognized as the other founder of the Colony of Connecticut?
            Governor John Hayes of the Massachusetts Bay Colony
Raffle Winners
Card- Joe Fallon 2 of diamonds
$10-     Ed P
$5-       Eric
Speaker- Lt Willi Pedimonti, Chief of Detectives of the Enfield Police Department.
Spoke to us about the Enfield Police Explorers and their role in the Enfield community. The 30 member group logs over 3,000 hours per year of community service ranging from working at various fairs in town to helping at other similar events throughout the State. The Group of 13-20 year old youth has been in existence since 1967 providing helpful services to the Town.
Office Rebecca Ledger accompanied Lt Pedimonti
Club Announcements-
Bill Squires provided a flag from Peace Convention
Meeting Adjourned @ :
                        GHOST WRITER