Spur                July 6, 2016     SPUR Editor did not show this week. Notes are limited.
Pledge of Allegiance-                        Kevin Mayo
4 Way test-                             not sure
Invocation-                             Chris Leary
Presidents remarks-
Happy /sads/ bdays/anniversaries - Sargeant at Arms (for the day) :
Kevin Mayo- son’s b’day
Bill Squires- sang Natl Anthem Pittsfield and looking forward to singing at future Bosox game
Ed Palomba- played 45 holes of golf
Nick Deni- happy to be ex-President
Joes History Mystery Minute
The first All-Star game played at Comiskey Park in Chicago.
  • What bigger event was it originally a part of?  1933 Chicago World Fair
  • What is name of most valuable player award and what was original name? Ted Williams Most Valuable Player Award- The Arch Ward Trophy
  • Who was last player to win award two years in a row?  Miguel Cabrera – Detroit Tigers
    Raffle Winners
    Card-              Joe Fallon – 2 Spades
    $10-                 Eric Moody
    $5-                   Greg Stokes
    Speaker-         Chief Ed Richards of Enfield Fire District #1 spoke on Security & Terrorism….more specifically on Active Shooters.
    This is happening ore frequently, can happen anywhere. Refer to ready.gov for info.
    Urged situational awareness….be aware of what is going on, not staring at your phone as you walk.
    FEMA says- Run, Hide and Fight in that order as best way to deal with active shooting situation.
    Enfield FD does have a response plan should situation arise.
    Club Announcements-  Rotary After 5  7/14/16  Chicago Sam’s
    Meeting Adjourned @ :