Spur    June 1, 2016
The SPUR this week is abbreviated. The assigned SPUR editor did not turn in any notes.
Pledge of Allegiance- Joyce Keating                       
4 Way test-  Kathy Barron
Invocation- Bishop Stokes
Joes History Mystery Minute-The phrase “Don’t Give Up the Ship” was uttered during a sea battle in the War of 1812.
  Who said the phrase?    Captain James Lawrence
  What ship did he command?  USS Chesapeake
  The phrase became popular when made public by what naval friend?  Commodore Perry 
Raffle Winners  not available
Speaker- Today’s speaker spoke of CRIS radio. CRIS provides audio access for  blind or
Vision challenged individuals. It provides people with the same information in a verbal format that their friends and colleagues