Minutes of the June 14, 2017 Meeting of the Enfield Rotary Club- in the Springfield Room in the Holiday Inn at Enfield, Connecticut.
“And what is so rare as a day in June? Then, if ever, come perfect days; Then Heaven tries the earth if it be in tune, And over it softly her warm ear lays.”
James Russell Lowell- The Vision of Sir Launfal
Opening Pledge:   Allyson Rodricks
4 Way Test           Ed Palomba
Invocation:           Kevin Mayo
No visitants today.
No Rotarians from near or far today.
Sergeant-At-Arms Mad Milt Rosenberg announced birthdays for Doug Lombardi (6-14) and Dr. Gerry Bell (6-15) and Clun anniversaries for Ed Palomba, Kathy Barron and Adrian Garcia Sega. He then recounted the 1992 theme of Rotary – Giving is Living.
Mad Milt announced fines for no pins and no attendance at the Foundation dinner. He noted the wonderful presentation of Bill Pokorny, the father of Awardee Kyla Pokorny at the dinner. Indeed a moving tribute.
Stu Barowsky noted the Wall Street Journal about Rotary’s role in ending polio. Bryan Chadkowski told a sad tale of two deals gone bad but two more deals gone good. Both Nick Deni and Eric Moody donated happy dollars for a great Foundation dinner followed by Kathy Barron who gave kudos as well.
Jerry Bell made a nice Foundation donation in honor of his birthday noting that he looks far older than his age (a condition named golf course disease is probably responsible). Julie Cotnoir was happy to have had a great time in California. Larry Tracey opened his wallet to donate a big $1.00 for Dr. Bell’s birthday, surely a dog day afternoon. Joyce Keating donated a few dollars for leaving early to oversee a well operation. Why she didn’t consult Dr. Bell about the procedure is beyond me.
Incoming Prez Carol Bohnet had happy dollars for the Foundation dinner, good speeches and a few other things that she could not remember. Could this be a precursor to next year’s meetings?
Allyson Rodricks was happy, in general, and Lindsey Weber was sad that preschool was ending for her daughter, Emma. Ed Palomba was surprisingly (?) happy for the Yankees followed by Kevin Mayo who was happy for the Foundation dinner and the Yankees as well. Seeing the two of them end the happy/sad reminds me of the old Yogi Berraism – “You can observe a lot by watching.”
June 14, 1777
The Second Continental Congress passed a resolution which adopted a flag with 13 stars and 13 stripes that is now referred to as “Old Glory’, “The Star-Spangled Banner” and the “Stars and Stripes” and we celebrate this date as Flag Day.
  1. What is the only state where Flag Day is an official state holiday?
  1. Where are the two places outside the United States of America where our national flag is continuously displayed?
The South Pole and the Moon
  1. What signer of the Declaration of Independence is credited by many historians to be the designer of our national flag?
Francis Hopkinson of New Jersey
The correct answers were given by- #1-Julie Cotnoir; #2 Stu Barowsky (Moon) and Bryan Chadkowski (South Pole) and #3 -Nobody
Scott Kaupin             - $10.00 (who then picked the $5.00 winner-Emolument Violation?)
Bryan Chadkowski   - $5.00 (accepted the $5.00?)
Larry Tracey             - Digging deep in the deck LT hoisted the 5 of Spades.
Thought for the Day-
“The only reason that some people get lost in thought is because it is unfamiliar territory.”
                                                                                                                        Paul Fix
Our president announced that Joann Smith had a membership change approved due to her position being transferred to Hartford. He noted that Adrian Garcia Sega will be looking into the cost of updating our Amber Alert equipment and that this week’s Rotary make-up will be Thursday at 5:30 p.m. at Chicago Sam’s. Lastly he read a nice thank you from Enfield Resources For Children for our recent club donation.
Rotarian Nick Deni requested volunteers to meet next Wednesday, June 21, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. at the Library to help maintain the Rotary walkway which is in need of weeding. He anticipates an hour or so of work if 6 to 8 people show up. Channeling Emily Dickinson, Nick remarked that “These are the days when skies resume, The old –old sophistries of June – A blue and gold mistake”. Quite a guy that Nick.
Foundation Chair Ed Palomba expressed his concern about the low turnout of Rotarians at the dinner last Friday. He is seeking suggestions from all Club members as to how we can effectively get a larger attendance and more publicity. Please consider his request and let him know your thoughts.
President Kevin announced the Club gavel will be passed to the incoming President at our meeting on July 5, 2017
Remember – “Silence is golden when you can’t think of a good answer”. –Muhammad Ali
President Kevin Mayo adjourned the meeting at approximately 1:10 p.m. on June 14, 2017.
Respectfully submitted,
Joseph E. Fallon
Guest Editor and Stand-in Scribe for King Richard Stevens-close friend of Mark William Callawy