Rotary Notes:                                                              Date: 6/21/17
Pledge:                 Jack Welch
4 way test:           Kevin Mayo
Invocation:          Rich Tkacz
Guests and visitors:    Libby Vandal – Student
Rotarian Anniversaries: Rich Tkacz 16 years,  Joanne Smith 8 years
Birthdays:            Derek Meade June 24     Dick Berozsky 26th
                             Spouse birthday Vange Chadis
Wedding Anniversaries: Joanne Smith June 23rd 26 years
Happy / Sads:
Joe = happy for Joanne
Rich T = Back from Formula one race in Canada had a great time
Jack = Back from a fishing camp in Maine
Allyson = Happy bdays
Carol = Happy for Libby speaking today
Kiran = Happy off to Rio on vacation
Ed = Happy he and his son won a tournament for father’s day
Keith = Happy for the new Tech center at Asnuntuck  and wants everyone to see it
Julie = Happy for Rich
Brian = Happy family is finally moving to Enfield
Dick S. = Happy for fathers day fishing trip to Canada with record catch of 12 salmon 26 -38 pounds
Steve = missed a couple of weeks
History Mystery:
June 21 1964
Three civil rights activists were murdered near Philadelphia Mississippi by members of the KKK because of their efforts to register black voters.
1 = What was the name of the 1988 movie that memorialized the heinous crime? = Mississippi burning.
2 = The deaths of these three young people served as a catalyst to pass what two major pieces of federal legislation that continue to have importance to this day? = The civil rights act of 1964 and voting rights act of 1965
3 = Name any of the three murdered men. = James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, Michael Schwerner
Other Business:
Ed recapped the Paul Harris Dinner and awarded Sandy Zukowski a Paul Harris Pin for her Donations to Rotary International
Card = Steve Damon Ace of Diamonds
10 = Kevin Mayo
5= Dick Stevens
Guest Speaker Libby Vandal spoke about her leadership seminar and why she is raising funds to go to Chicago to an international leadership conference.  She recapped her community and school involvement on may projects and what she hopes to do in the future.