Minutes of the June 29, 2016 Meeting of the Enfield Rotary Club at the Holiday Inn at Enfield, Connecticut.
“ And what is so rare as a day in June? Then, if ever, come perfect days” – James Russell Lowell
Opening Pledge:   Mike McManus
4 Way Test:           Mike (Chuckie) Helechu
Invocation:            Greg Stokes
Lisa Deni – Better half and Guest of Nick Deni
Bobbie Mizurek – East Windsor Rotary and soon to be Enfield Rotarian
Bill McGurk – Roustabout and Rockville Rotary Member
Stand-in Sgt-at-Arms: Kevin Mayo announced that no fines were being imposed this week but that next week would see fines for those not properly attired in the Red, White and Blue. He also announced that Sandy Zukowski is celebrating a birthday and that he is happy that his son also celebrates a birthday.
  • The following contributed happy-sad dollars and made comments related thereto:
Chris Casey offered her congratulations to Nick for his service as president. Mike McManus offered a few happy dollars for a wonderful vacation in South Africa and noted that upcoming vacations would cause him to miss a few July meetings. Carol Bohnet offered a happy dollar for her mother’s birthday. And Mike Helechu stepped up to the plate with a donation recognizing Nick.
Bill McGurk, erstwhile Purple Crusader, was happy to join us in fellowship (AMDG). Kate Garvey was happy for Nick and Greg. She also was happy that her son had a great week of baseball and golf-  her son clearly inheriting his talent from his grandfather. Sandy Zukowski gave thanks for the birthday kudos and was also happy for Nick and Greg. Greg Stokes offered a happy for Nick. Bobbie Mizurek followed with another happy for Nick and Greg.
Nick Deni was happy that he got to see his college roommate, happy that he got to see the golf skills of Joe Fallon but most of all he was happy that he had a great year due to the efforts of all of the Enfield Rotarians.
Joann Walk offered happies for Nick and Greg followed by like sentiments from Joann Smith.
Ending his day with five stitches at JMH, Ed is now recognized as a “bloody good sport” A day of happy and sad was ended by the tale of woe of Ed Palomba who recounted his experience with the tools of ignorance as a catcher with his Somers softball team. who bleeds softball almost as much as he bleeds Rotary.
 June 29, 1852
Henry Clay, having served as a Congressman, Speaker of the House, United States Senator and  Secretary of State, died in Washington, DC  at the age of 75.
  1. What was his nickname?
The Great Compromiser
  1. The “Immortal Trio” consisted of Clay and what two other US Senators?
Daniel Webster and John C. Calhoun
  1. Clay was the first person to ever “lie in state” in what building?
The United States Capitol
The correct answers to all three questions were given by Kevin Mayo,
Thought for the day- You can always tell a real friend;  when you made a fool of yourself, a real friend doesn’t feel that you’ve done a permanent job –Laurence J. Peter
Joann Walk - $10.00
Ed Palomba- $5.00
Larry Tracey – Dug a hole with the eight of spades
This was a business meeting for our Club.
President Nick Deni presented service awards to Ed Palomba and Scott Kaupin. He also announced, with regret, that Jeff Tingley resigned due to an increased business workload. Nick also noted that Bonnie Mizurek and Nancy Berube would be inducted into the Enfield rotary Club next week.
Mention was made that the District golf tournament will be held on August 1, 2016 at Twin Hills CC in Longmeadow and that Enfield Rotarians are needed to fill out some foursomes.
Nick recognized Carol Bohnet  for her contributions and attendance at the District Water Project meetings
Nick then thanked everyone for a very good year and that I was a privilege to be President. He got to learn by doing and enjoyed many rewards for his service as President. He generously thanked everyone for making his tenure enjoyable.
THE RITE OF SUCCESSION  (“Leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders”) - Tom Peters
President Nick then asked President- elect Greg Stokes to come forward. Nick pinned Greg with Presidential pin and, in turn, Greg gave Nick a Past President pin. The gavel was then passed to Greg.
Thought- “A person who wants to lead the orchestra must turn his back on the crowd” -Max Lucado
In his initial comments, President Stokes noted how impressed he was by the training given to incoming Rotary Presidents. He made clear that a CEO is only as good as the members that he leads. He ended his remarks by letting all of us know that he is always open to advice and counsel from any Rotarian.
THE FINALE  (“The most important part of a story is the ending. No one reads a book to get to the middle”-Mickey Spillane)
President  Nick then recognized Mike Helechu and Ed Palomba for all the work and time that both extended over the course of the last year. He also thanked Lou Bolduc, Jack Welch and Larry Tracey for their efforts as well.
Mike Helechu had a point of information for all of us. He recommended that we read the story of Rotary International’s new President in this month’s Rotary magazine if we want to get reinvigorated about Rotary.
“Poetry is language as its most distilled and most powerful.” – Rita dove
President  Nick then recited his last formal announcement as President. A wonderful poem of Tears and Cheers.
President Nick, with grace, adjourned the meeting at approximately 1:11 p.m. on June 29, 2016.
Respectfully submitted,
Joseph E. Fallon
Guest Editor and Resident Dandy