June 8, 2016
President Nick opened his fourth-to-last meeting at 12:15 p.m.
Pledge: Larry Tracey
4-Way Test: Ed Palomba
Invocation: Greg Stokes
Guests: Nancy Berube; Rotarian Bobbi Mazurek; Jason Nealy; Rotarian Remo Pizzichemi; Michele Tracey; and Catherine Williamson
Our soon-to-be-outgoing President Nick Deni was in a good mood and shared a joke. The fact that I didn’t write anything down may have something to do with the general tenor, but I think it elicited and equal number of chuckles and groans.
Sgt.-at-Arms Adrian Garcia-Sega was in a good mood too—probably because he’s on vacation for the entire summer—and started us off with a test joke about an elderly couple talking to their doctor. Not too bad, but he quickly turned our attention to the fine for the day. He obviously saw Remo when he walked in and, sure enough, set a fine for the flashiest shoes. Out of three possible candidates, Remo was the unanimous choice and paid up cheerfully. Adrian added a fine for anyone who would not be attending Friday’s Foundation Dinner & Paul Harris Fellowship Presentations.
Wedding Anniversary: Doug Lombardi
Club Anniversary: Kate Garvey-2 Years; Ed Palomba-11 Years
Happy/Sad Dollars
- Adrian is the proud father of a baby boy who weighed in at 9+ lbs.
- Jerry’s knees are better and he has been able to play golf again.
- Lindsey is happy to be staying home with her children this summer.
- Remo (that’s pronounced RAY-mo everyone) paid for his shoes; recalled the tornado that swept through West Springfield five years ago; announced that his company has purchased a new hotel in Scranton, PA; and set the tone for upcoming union contract negotiations in California by pointing out the Rotary 4-Way Test sign on the wall behind the hotel manager’s desk.
- Mike was happy the new Library Director, Jason Nealy, was in attendance because his LEGO Millennium Falcon is on display there for the month of June; hopes the Enfield Rotary Club will be able to field two or three teams for the District Golf Tournament on August 1; and enjoyed a trip to Cape Hatteras over the Memorial Day weekend.
- Cheryl is proud of her granddaughter, who graduated high school and has been accepted at VA Tech.
- Chris Leary tried his hand at a joke. (I’m sensing a viral phenomenon endemic to the final month of our Rotary year. . . but can make no predictions about what we can expect with Cardinal Stokes at the helm next year.)
- Chris Casey was thankful for a successful St. Bernard’s Church carnival and especially the numerous volunteers who help out every year.
- Larry was happy to have his wife attending.
- Our Foundation Chair, Ed Palomba, was sad to be missing Friday’s event because of a trip to Los Angeles.
- Guest Catherine Williamson was happy to have completed her Master’s degree.
- Guest and Visiting Rotarian Bobbi Mazurek was sad about having to disband the eight-member Broad Brook Rotary Club, but impressed by their ability to raise and donate $4,000 to the local food shelf and international clean water projects as their final gesture. She is looking forward to joining our club.
- Kate was happy and surprised to be reminded that she has been a member for two years and was happy to play golf with her son, who chipped in for a birdie on the 18th hole and carded a 44! He already knows how to tip his hat to an imaginary crowd, so don’t be surprised if we see this young man at TPC River Highlands sometime soon.
- Nick had kudos for Chris Casey and the St. B’s carnival; and is happy to be going to a Jack & Jill party for his daughter, who is carrying Nick’s first grandchild. He and his wife are heading to South Carolina early in the morning after the Paul Harris banquet.
Joe Fallon’s History Mystery
Queen of Hearts: 10-Sean Stevens; 5-Ed Palomba; Card: Jack Welch
- Paul Harris banquet Friday.
- Be Like Brit program at Asnuntuck June 13
- Checks for 4-Way Test Scholarships were delivered to the homes of the winners.
- New Member Talk at next week’s meeting.
- Nick reported that 99 Restaurant fundraiser brought in $200 and that the District grant of $3,000 for the walking path has been received. The Board approved a $250 donation to the Common Grounds Rotary Garden Committee. The Board also voted to donate $2,500 to the Guatemala Clean Water Project coordinated by Manchester Rotarian Rick Lawrence.
- Ed Palomba heard from Henry Dutcher, who pointed out an obituary for Ella? Elda? Bertrand, who was one of the first community volunteers at the Common Grounds Rotary Garden when it was established in 2006.
- Ed and Lindsey have been checking into having some of the tables and benches at the Accessible Playground repainted because they’re getting rusty. Of course, we have exceeded the manufacturer’s warranty by a few months—they checked. They’re getting quotes for sanding/grinding and repainting with quality products.
- The Common Grounds Rotary Garden Committee is looking for volunteers to help at the garden Tuesday evenings. Whether you have 30 minutes or two hours, your assistance would be greatly appreciated. (If you’re a Rotarian and have never set foot in the garden, please consider stopping by at least once to get an appreciation for the work that went into establishing the garden and the value of the fresh produce harvested every year that benefits the Enfield Food Shelf and Loaves & Fishes Soup Kitchen.)
The meeting was adjourned early by our President, who seems to be smiling more everyday.
Guest Editor: Mike Helechu (subbing for Stu Barowsky)