Rotary Notes:                                                              Date: 3/22/17
Pledge: Nick Deni
4 way test: Kevin Mayo
Invocation: Carol Bohnet
Guests and visitors: Paul Salva- Somers Rotary
                                    Tom Baxter-Hartford Yard Goats
 Jack’s Birthday
 Bill’s 41st Anniversary with Club
Happy / Sads:
Bill: 41 years in Rotary, late, sorry about the passing of John Adams
Jerry: late, sad about John Adams, visited his Dad in NJ, scholarships will be named for 2 Enfield Rotarians who just passed, had to put his 15 year old beloved dog to sleep
Bryan: daughter decided on Eastern Michigan University
Jason: missed last week
Lou: leaving early
Julie, Joe, Derek: Jack’s Birthday
Mike – Has magnetic Rotary pins for sale for $4
Thank you Notes from:
Safe Grad
Milt brought $250 donation to Bloomfield Rotary and they presented him with one of their banners
Paul Salva announced that The Enfield Society for the Detection of Thieves and Robbers will hold their 195th annual meeting on Tuesday, May 2nd at 6 p.m. in St. Bernard’s Fitzmaurice Hall. The speaker will be Robert Killian JD. Contact Paul at 860-882-2813 for tickets.
Kate Garvey was the only female to attend the last Rotary breakfast
Ed reminded group that the Annual Rotary dinner will be June 9th at the Enfield Holiday Inn. He is looking for nominations for the Paul Harris Awards. Past Paul Harris recipients will be invited to a breakfast to discuss possible nominees.
Next Rotary After 5 will be at 5:30 at Backyard Bar and Grill
Tickets-$65 part of pot
5 – Allyson
10- Sandy
Card- Stuart
History Mystery:
March 22, 1820 Commodore Stephen Decatur, Jr. died on March 22, 1820 from wounds suffered in a duel with James Barron who Decatur had criticized after Barron had undergone a court martial.
  1. Decatur was well known as a naval officer because of his service during what United States wars?
    The first and second Barbary Wars
  2. Decatur holds the distinction of being the youngest US naval officer promoted to what rank?
  3. What U.S. President ordered Decatur to attack the Barbary pirates in 1815?
             James Madison
Tom Baxter, from the Hartford Yard Goats spoke to the group. He told the group Hartford’s Rotary would be using their location for meetings every other week. Opening day on April 13th is sold out. They will have 70 games home and 70 games on the road. Enfield Rotarian Bill Squire will be singing the National Anthem for a July game.