SPUR 03/30/2016
Pledge –            Kathy Barron
4-Way Test –     Mike Helechu
Invocation –      Father Stokes
Guests / Visitors –          Megan Robertson, guest of Jack Welch and our speaker
                                    Steve Alminas, guest of Derek Meade (for the last time)
                                    Catherine Wiliamson, guest of Nick Deni
                                     Paul Salva, Somers Rotarian
Rotary Anniversary -      Gail Albetski, Jack Welch, Bill Squires
Wedding Anniversary      Kiran
Birthdays -                    Ed Palomba, Cheryl Leary, Larry Tracey, Doug Lombardi’s wife Diane
Happy / Sads --              
  • Adrian Happy Disney trip with the family and mom’s visit
  • Jerry Happy for heading to the Men’s Final Four this weekend
  • Bill Squires Happy for 40 years in Rotary, UCONN women, Syracuse Women, Syracuse Men, Qunnipiac Hockey, Bruce Springsteen concert
  • Scott Kaupin Happy Syracuse alumni for men’s and women’s hoops and his Brother-in-law’s promotion at the State Police
  • Greg Stokes has Jury Duty next week and happy for the 15-year anniversary for his church
  • Mike Helechu Happy he has only ONE more piece to finish his lego project, Happy for Spring weather and golf
  • Sandy Z Happy bday for her Son on 4/2
  • Chris Leary Happy birthday to Cheryl Leary
  • Ed Palomba Happy he’s playing basketball with the youngsters and getting exercise, and Happy they get to find out if his son and wife are having a boy or girl soon
  • Carol Happy for a Rotaract presentation from the Rotaract U.N. President
  • Sean Stevens Sad dollar for the passing of Father Kerwen
  • Joe Fallon Happy Dave O’Connor is still alive
  • Larry is Happy for his 5 grandchildren wishing him a Happy Birthday
  • Catherine Williamson Happy to announce the 10th annual civil rights conference that she’s speaking at
  • Nick is Happy for Easter Sunday, Happy Crestview is opening, Happy to be in Myrtle Beach next week
    History / Mystery
    March 30, 1981 – President Ronald Reagan, in office for only 69 days, was shot by John Hinckley
  1. President Regan was leaving what Washington DC establishment when he was shot?
    1. Washington Hilton Hotel
  2. John Hinckley had an obsession with which actress?
    1. Jodie Foster
  3. What did President Reagan say to his wife, Nancy, when she arrived at the emergency room at the hospital?
    1. “Honey, I forgot to duck”, a line originally uttered by Jack Dempsey after his boxing loss to Gene Tunney
      Queen Drawing – Derek Meade drew the 3 of Hearts
      $10 – Joyce
      $5 – Chris Leary
      New Member Induction – Steve Alminas was inducted into the club and Cheryl Leary was welcomed back officially as a Past President and returning member to our club
  • The walking path is in but needs some fine tuning.  Rotarians will meet at 9 am on 4/16 with shovels and rakes to volunteer to smoothen the path.  We will also have a machine there to assist in cleaning the playground equipment which has grown dirty over the years
  • 5/14/16 will be the walkway path opening ceremony and ribbon cutting
  • Cinco K Mayo is on 5/7 and we are looking for runners, walkers, sponsors, and volunteers for the morning of the event.  See Kevin Mayo or email him at mayokevin@yahoo.com
  • Rotary after 5 – 3/31 at Buona Vita
  • Job Shadowing – all but 2 students have been placed so far.  Thank you to all the Rotarians who helped!
    Speaker – Megan Robertson, Simpaug Farms
    Simpaug Farms operations are based in Ridgefield, CT and the farm itself is actually in West Suffield, CT.  Simpaug Farms is a CSA – Community Supported Agriculture farm.  The farm was recently featured in GoLocal magazine regarding their CSA program.  CSA programs are the same as a farmshare program.  They take signups for members in the program from January – April.  From June – November the members receive their share of fresh produce, typically around 8-10 varieties of vegetables, berries, herbs per week.  The program last for 24 weeks and costs $35/week per member. 
    They also offer an office share program where coworkers can join together and share in the weekly produce delivered from the farm. 
    The farm is not certified organic.  The specifications, paperwork, and cost to be certified organic are barriers for smaller farms.  However, Simpaug farms and many others in the state take a pledge to produce non-GMO produce and do not use pesticides.  They practice orgainic growing even though they have not gone through the certification process.
    The CT NOFA food guide can be found here http://www.ctnofa.org/documents/2016_FFGuide.pdf and lists the CSA programs in CT and also smaller farm share programs.  It will also tell you which farms have gone through the certified organic process and which have taken the Farmer’s Pledge to follow those processes, like Simpaug Farms has. 
    Respectfully submitted by:  Derek Meade, winner of the 3 of hearts