Enfield Rotary Club
Minutes- 03/09/2016
Call to Order: 12:15
Pledge of Allegiance-: Joanne Walk
4 Way test: Kevin Mayo
Invocation: Greg Stokes
Lunch and fellowship was enjoyed by all.
High School Recognition:
Fermi HS: Morgan
Enfield HS: Christopher
Happy& Sad $$$$:
Ed Palomba, Chris Casey, Kathy Baron, Lindsey Weber, Greg Stokes- fine $, Principal
Paul Newton Principal Fermi HS, happy about 2016 opening at Enfield HS, completely
Rich Tkacz– sad because of the weather
Mike Helechu, ( bring any clothes to Allied Thrift Store)
Joe's History Mystery Minute-
March 9, 1862
The Battle of Hampton Roads also known as the Battle of the Monitor and Merrimack
took place in the James River not far from the present city of Norfolk, Virginia.
1.Both the Monitor and the Merrimack were what type of naval ships?
2.What was the official Confederate name of the Merrimack?
The CSS Virginia
3.What was the name of the designer of the Union ship Monitor?
John Ericsson
Raffle Winners
Card- Sandy Zukowski- no Queen of Hearts
$10- Joe Fallon
$5- Eric Moody
  • Club Announcements-
    Kate Garvey, Rotary Job Shadowing she is looking for HELP
    Ed Palomba- Walking Trail Rotary Foundation Banner is at the Enfield Library
    Time to submit nominations and names to Rotary Foundation for Paul Harris Fellows