Editor:  Ghost Writer
Spur:              May   10,  2017                     
Pledge of Allegiance- Kathy Barron
4 Way testPres Kevin
Invocation- L. Weber
Presidents remarks-
Happy /sads/ bdays/anniversaries - Sergeant at Arms (for the day)  Ed Palomba :
Nick- wife’s b’day
Brian-Ohio house sale- first showing
Bill squires- Yard Goats game> nice game, nice ballpark, Yard Goats won
Kiran- fastest Rotarian time in road race
Jerry- speaking engagement in Cleveland area resulted in good golf
Joyce- nice vacation but came back sick
Sandy Z- son in law out of hospital recovering with 20% heart function and she is going to Aruba
Jim Kuhn- wife’s b’day and they are going to Italy
Dick Stevens- 50,000 mile check
Joes History Mystery Minute- Appointed as Director of the Bureau of Investigations, he went on to become first FBI director.
Who is he?     J Edgar Hoover
What does J stand for?                     John
What President appointed Hoover as Director?                Calvin Coolidge
Raffle Winners
Card- K Barron
$10- Eric
$5- Jim Kuhn
Club Announcements:
Upcoming Paul Harris recipients are Mary Arquette, Charles Miller, and Gary Raffia
Speaker- Guatemala Water Project. No more details as Ghost Writer had to leave.