Spur                May 18, 2016
Pledge of Allegiance- Ed Palomba
4 Way test-  Joe Fallon
Invocation- Greg Stokes
Presidents remarks-
Happy /sads/ bdays/anniversaries – Sargeant at Arms (for the day) :
  • Fine for not attending 2 of 3 events: Playground ribbon cutting, 99 Restaurant fundraiser or Road race
  • Jim- happy Grandpa
  • Greg- new Town Manager
  • Nostalgic Rotary memories:
Ed about years going from Somers Club to Enfield
Jerry- citing Jack Welch as his sponsor resulting in a great friendship
Cheryl- first Rotaract in our District
Chris- first Rotary info meeting with Pete Johnson, who forgot his dentures
Joes History Mystery Minute- Largest volcanic eruption took place at Mt St Helens
Part of what range?  The Cascades
Name of lake abutting mountain?  Spirit Lake
Name of Lodge operator who refused to leave?  Harry Truman
Raffle Winners
Card- Kevin Mayo
$10-   ??
$5-   ??
Speaker- ??