SPUR—May 20, 2015

President Kevin opened the meeting at 12:15 on the nose.

Pledge: Mike Helechu; 4-Way Test: Kevin Mayo; Invocation: Greg Stokes

New Member Application: (Second Notice) Kathy Barron from The Network has applied for membership in our club. If you have any comments about her application, please send an email or written note to President Kevin or any one of our club’s officers.

Happy / sads / bdays / anniversaries

President Elect Nick Deni stepped forward as today’s Sgt.-at-Arms (deftly working his way up through the ranks). Anyone who didn’t know Rotary International’s theme for 2016-2016 (“Be a Gift to the World”) was fined, but also received a pin to remind them of the new tag line. Those who attended last week’s meeting had a jump on the rest of us.

Member Birthday: Scott Kaupin - May 21

Spouse Birthday: Mike Bohnet - May 20

Club Anniversaries: Chris Leary - 17 Years May 20; Ed Sharpless - 13 Years May 22

- Ed Palomba: Attending numerous graduations and proud of everyone.

- Gena Fitzgerald: One foot in Enfield, one in Kansas City.

- Carol Bohnet: husband’s birthday and their anniversary (May 9).

- Bill Squires: birthday May 30; sang National Anthem for “Tour de Cure” (Diabetes) in MA. . . 1,100 riders! Proud of daughter earning (or pursuing?) Master’s degree.

- Mike Helechu: trip to Florida to visit friends and play golf.

- Kathy Barron: just because.

- Nick: very happy to have married Ed P’s sister; and more guests than expected at son’s after-prom party.

Queen of Hearts

Gena Fitzgerald delayed her departure for one more chance at the Queen but didn’t find her. Maybe the folks in Kansas City will believe the story about the movers going to the wrong house long enough to give her one more shot. Our lips are sealed. . . Meanwhile, Jack Welch took $10 and Dave O’Connor got $5.

Joe Fallon’s History Mystery

May 27, 1927 - 88 years ago

Charles “Lucky Lindy” Lindbergh got into the Spirit of St. Louis and left for Europe.

1. What was the name of the airport from which he departed?

A: Roosevelt Field, New York

2. What was the name of the airport where he landed the next day?

A: Le Bourget Field, France

3. What was Lindbergh’s middle name?

A: Augustus

Club Assembly/Business Meeting

Ed Palomba presented a Foundation Minute and reminded everyone about the upcoming Foundation Banquet and Paul Harris Fellowship Awards presentation on June 12. Please send your RSVPs in. We will be honoring Joe Fallon, Scott Kaupin and Derek Meade.

Derek reported that our net income from the Cinco de Mayo Race/Walk will be approximately $6,450, which is similar to last year’s result despite having 107 fewer runners. A meeting to recap the pluses and minuses of this year’s event will be planned. Outgoing President Kevin Mayo has volunteered to serve as Chairman for next year’s event (after all, the race is named after him). Derek is selling leftover t-shirts (XL only) for $5 each. 

We received a thank you letter from Loaves & Fishes for our recent donation.

Educational Resources for Children sent a solicitation for donations to help feed local children at this year’s Lunch Bunch program. Mike Helechu made a motion, seconded by Eric Moody, to donate $165 to feed one child. Members voted in favor.

Incoming President Nick stated that Gena was slated to become our club’s new Secretary before her move to Kansas City was announced. He was happy to report that Cindy Mangini has stepped forward to fill this important position.

President Kevin adjourned the meeting before 1:30.

Respectfully submitted: Mike Helechu, Guest Editor