Carol called meeting to order.
Chris Casey—Salute Flag
Carol—4-Way Test
Greg Stokes—Grace
Kevin—happy/Sadds/Fine—Not wearing pin.
            Birthdays—Dave o’Connor
                                    Mike Helechu—Spouse and Wedding Anniv.
                                    Club Anniv.-Chris Casey
                                    Sean—Leave early
                                    Sandy Zukowski—Gone next 2 weeks
                                    Bill Squires—Daughter ran marathon
                                    Stuart Barowsky—Props for new knee at Brigham& Womens’s
                                                                        Hospital and Dr. Wolfgang Fitz.
                                    Carol—Finally Halloween
                                    Nick—no pin
                                    Jerry—Traveling to St. Louis-Business/Golf
                                    Steve Damon—Computer problems
                                    Dick Stevens—Grandson in Swimming marathon
                                    Kevin---Playground getting a lot of use.
Raffle                         Cards—Rich T. 10 Spades
                                    ?          --$10
                                    Eric Moody---          $5
History Minute                    November 1,  1800
                        John Adams, the second President of the United States of America, became the 1st President to live at the “White House” at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave..
  1. The White House was set on fire by British Troops during what war?
    The War of 1812
  2.  What federal agency owns the White house?
    National Park Service
  3.  Who was the designer of the White House?
    Irish born James Hoban
                Announcement—Rotary Convention—Toronto 6/23—27, 2018
                                                  Zone conference, Montreal,   9/20-22, 2018
                            Speaker: Bill Squires, Carol and Milt
                            Rotary Zone Institute—attended by all three 2 weeks age.
                            Details of meeting and experience being there.
                            Meeting adjourned—1:30PM
                            Submitted by:  Stuart Barowsky