Rotary minutes—11/16/16
Submitted by:         Stuart Barowsky
Greg brought meeting to order at 12:15pm
Pledge:  Kathy Barron      
4 Way Test:  Kate Garvey
Invocation:  Chris Leary
Visitor:   Dan Burak—E. Long. Chapter
Chapter Birthdays:    Steve Damon, Joanne Smith
            Mike for Milt’s 32 years in Rotary
            Powder Hollow—2 years in Rotary
            Rich’s Oil—Turkey give away and Special Olympics
            Nick Deni/Sad—No women at table
            Dick Stevens—Cataract surgery
            Larry Tracy:  Saw great show
            Chris Casey—Rich’s Turkey/Ham benefit/N.Y trip.
            Chris Leary—American in Paris show
            Kate Garvey—Finally here at Rotary           
            Ed Palomba—Meatloaf for lunch
            Joyce Keating—Orlando trip, Somers Rotary Homeless Veteran benefit
           Greg Stokes—Shop Rite food drive, daughter’s birthday
           Milt Rosenberg—32 years in Rotary     perfect  attendance                                                Granddaughters birthday.
            Rich Tkaz—Company food drive, Chris Casey-great job for his company,
                        Alzheimer’s week
           Powder Hollow Brewery—1st check towards Cinqo de Mayo race
History/Mystery quiz:
William Clark Gable died in Las Angeles, CA after a long and successful movie career.
  1.  His most famous role in the movies had him playing what named character?
    Rhett Butler in Gone With the Wind
  2.  In his final movie, he co-starred with Marilyn Monroe.  What was its name?
    The Misfits
  3.  Gabe had five wives.  His third wife, a famous actress, died in a plane crash in 1943.  Who was she?
    Carole Lombard
Announcements:  Ed—Foundation money—give before end of year.
Lou—Please fill out volunteer sheets for Pancake Break-
Kevin—Rotary After 5 announcement
Speaker:  Noreen Tassinari on  Big E Centennial this year.
            Greg closed meeting at 1:30PM