November 22, 2017

At 12:15 PM Carol rang the bell and welcomed everyone.


Rich Tkacz led us in Saluting our Flag

Carol led us in the Four Way Test.

Ed Palombo said Grace


Our lone guest for the meeting, Greg Stoke’s wife Dawn, led the group to the buffet table for lunch.


Sargent of Arms:  Joann Walk announced Birthdays and Anniversaries. Happy/Sad Dollars collected towards the Loaves and Fishes and Food Shelf matching challenge totaled $85.


“The Joe Fallon – History/Mystery Minute”

November 22nd is the birthday of Vice president John Nance Garner, pilot Wiley Post, comedian Rodney Dangerfield, tennis player Billie Jean King and actress Jamie Curtis. It is most remembered as a day of infamy when John F. Kennedy was assassinated.  Correct answers were spread around the room. Harvey Oswald hid behind the Texas School, Book Depository. Texas police officer J.D. Tippit was murdered by Oswald before his capture. Parkland Memorial was the name of the hospital where Kennedy was declared dead.


Raffle – Kevin pulled the King of Hearts; Ed won the $10 and I forget who won the $5.



  • Bobbi Mazurek told Carol that she is still unable to attend the meetings but thinks about us every Wednesday at noon.
  • Committee Chairs have asked people to add their emails to the lists to aid them in planning. New signup forms were provided.
  • Pancake Breakfast; Saturday, 12/9, 6:30 – 11 AM: volunteer signup sheet circulated by Lou.
  • Wine Tasting; Thursday, 3/1/18, 6 – 9 PM: Eric asked us to start working on raffle prizes. They can be brought to the Holiday Inn for storage at any time.
  • Toys for Joy is in three weeks. Bring your toys to the December 13th meeting.
  • Ed read an email about Giving Tuesday and donating to the Foundation.
  • Basketball Tournament, 12/28 and 29: Scott passed out sponsor forms and encouraged us to support the Ad Book.


Carol and Scott presented past president Kevin Mayo with a plaque thanking him for stepping up to pick up the gavel last year. Much applause for his dedication to our club.

Carol presented a Veterans’ pin to Greg Stokes who was not present last week for our Veterans recognition.

Carol told the club she missed presenting the speaker book donation at the end of the meeting to our District Governor Dave Mangs. She read from the book Leaders Eat Last before introducing our speaker, Greg Stokes.


Greg talked about the legislative session, the process and various areas of interest to the Club and Enfield. It was a very informative presentation.


The meeting ended promptly at 1:30. Happy Thanksgiving wishes all around!