Enfield Rotary Spur November 23, 2016
Meeting convened by President Greg ringing the bell at 12:15.
Pledge: Chris C.
4 Way Test: Jo Ann
Blessing: Kevin
Guests: Joyce’s grandson Owen (PHF).
Birthdays & Anniversaries: Friday is Jerry and Candice’s 31st anniversary.
Happy for Thanksgiving: Kevin, Ed, Joe, Jerry, Greg, Jo Ann, Steve, Scott, Chris C, Mike
Joyce: Owen got one B+ and all the rest A’s on his report card. Saw Calendar Girls at Asnuntuck.
Jerry: Anniversary Dollar
Adrian: Missed giving for Wife Bday, 5th Aniv, own Bday. Next month goes to Vegas for a wedding, AZ for Christmas.
Ed: Starts Santa gigs next week.
Greg: Detroit Lions, grandchild report card, and excellent B&B.
Jo Ann: Aruba
Steve: missed weeks
Mike: Black Friday Allied Attic w/silent auction, played golf once with Joyce & Owen, Rotary after hours
Nick: 19 year old home from college
Joes’ History Mystery:
Franklin Pierce was born in Hillsborough, NH – the first president to be born in the 19th century and the only NH resident to become president of the US.
1) He holds what distinction as a result of his swearing-in ceremony as President? Affirmed his owth on a law book, and not a Bible.      Answered correctly by Ed
2) What famous figure of the Confederate States of America served as his Secretary of War? Jefferson Davis.            Answered correctly by Adrian
3) As a result of his support for the Kansas-Nebraska Act (which nullified the Missouri Compromise), he is considered as one of the most effective, or least effective Presidents of the US? Least effective.                                Answered correctly by Kevin.
The Queen is worth $205
Kevin - $10
Eric – a card not the Queen
Carol - $5
Greg: Toys for Joy is Dec. 7th
           Coat Drive for Educational Resources for Children – we need a club volunteer to coordinate
Ed: Nov 29 is Giving Tuesday. Please give on-line to the Rotary Foundation
Scott: 24th Annual Enfield Rotary Girls Basketball Classic is Wed 12/28 and Thurs 12/29 at Enfield High School. Games are 5:30 & 7:15 both days. Teams are EHS, Bacon Academy, Rockville HS and Wethersfield HS.  We need sponsors (deadline 12/15) and volunteers.
Lou: Pancake breakfast is 12/10. Please sign up for volunteer slots.
No Speaker – Pres. Greg disbanded the meeting at 1:00.
Your scribe, Jerry