It was a chilly November day as Rotarian ambled along their way to Salon C at the Holiday Inn in scenic Enfield.  All were greeted with warmth and a smile from Lou Bolduc, the ever-stalwart greeter and front desk person, who is indefatigable in his willingness to serve in this capacity. 
Flag Salute:              Jim Kuhn
Four-Way Test:        Larry Tracey
Invocation:               Scott Kaupin
Editor Pro Tem:       Chris Leary in place of Kevin Mayo, who will cover for Chris on 12/27/17
Visitors:                     No visitors today
Sergeant at Arms:  Jo Ann Walk
  • Larry and Michelle Tracey wedding anniversary on 11/11/17.  This lovely couple have been married for 51 years.   Happy anniversary to the Traceys.
  • Jo Ann W is happy because of her trip to Oceanside, CA last week and she lucked out in renting an Infinity Q-50 to tour the countryside….or is that “Oceanside?”  Jo Ann also expressed her gratitude for the services of our soon to be retired mayor, Scott K.
  •  Jim Kuhn is happy about a recent month-long road trip that he and his lovely wife just finished.  They visited such places as North Carolina, Oklahoma (Where the corn is as high as an elephant’s eye and it looks like it’s climbing clear up to the sky…).  Other places they visited consisted of a lodge in the Ozarks, the Clinton Library, and Memphis, TN. They finished their journey with a brief stay in Cape May, NJ.
  • Jerry Bell offered a late dollar and enjoyed playing golf at the Normandy Golf Course in St. Louis.  I understand that the St. Louis Arch was deemed a human-made hazard and Jerry could move his ball at liberty anywhere on the course.  Jerry also gave a gratitude dollar for Scott K and his service to the town as mayor.
  • Cheryl Leary also offered a gratitude dollar for the service of our retiring mayor.  She also commented on how she enjoyed the Rotary meeting at Asnuntuck and the opportunity to tour the new academic environment there.   Having had a life-long career in higher education, Dr. Leary could appreciate the importance of establishing an efficient and up-to-date academic setting.  Kudos to ACC and all who work to provide a high quality education for all.  Cheryl also gave a happy dollar because of a recent vist with our granddaughter at Virginia Tech followed up by a visit with family in Sterling, VA.
  • Larry Tracey gave a happy dollar for the service of retiring mayor Scott K.
  • Kiran gave a late dollar and a dollar for retiring mayor Scott K.
  • Joyce gave a dollar for retiring mayor, Scott K and she also expressed sadness over the loss of a very good friend recently.  May she rest in peace.
  • Julie C gave a happy dollar for Scott K and she also was delighted to spend time with her son in NYC.  She attended a show on Sunday evening and got an early train on Monday and arrived for work on time at ACC.
  • Julie’s colleague Keith also gave a happy dollar for Scott K and commented on how supportive the town has been toward ACC under Scott’s leadership.
  • Lindsey gave a happy dollar in honor of her daughter Emma who turned six on Saturday.  Lindsay had a great time with the kids at a skating party as well and returned home happy but tired.
  • Bryan gave a “Dine and Dash” dollar as well as a lament dollar because of no heat in the building at work.  He also expressed his gratitude for Scott and his service to the town with a happy dollar.
  • Scott gave a happy dollar in gratitude for all the praised for his service as mayor.  He commented on the fact that his history as mayor coincided with his history in Rotary and that reality is special for him.  Although, he did say that he became mayor after joining Rotary. 
Fallon Mystery Minute
United States Navy Captain, Charles Wilkens, commander of the USS San Jacinto boarded a British mail ship and removed two Confederate diplomats thereby insulting British honor and brought the United States to the brink of war with England.
  1. What is the historical name for this incident?
    1. The Trent Affair
  2. The Lincoln administration released the two diplomats and disavowed the actions of Captain Wilkens but did not issue a formal apology. (True or False?)
    1. True
  3.  Name either one of the two Confederate diplomats that were detained and then released?
    1. James Mason or John Slidell
 $10:               Lindsey
   $5:               Dick Stevens (In absentia to be donated back to the club.)
Card:              Joyce              3 of Cl
Business Meeting
President Carol conducted a business meeting with the Rotary members present.  She brought up future service events for our club.  They are as follows:
Pancake Breakfast
  • Lou Bolduc is in charge and providing effective leadership for the gleeful griddle gang.
  • Planned date for the Pancake Breakfast will be December 9, 2017 at the Senior Center.
  • Lindsey will take care of “Crafts for Kids.”
  • There will be a table for saleable goods.
  • Julie C volunteered to address publicity for the event.  She will work with Scott to ensure output on facebook.
  • Lou also commented on the fact that the pancake breakfast will include Cheryl Leary’s famous blueberry sauce.  Lou says it is great over ice cream as well.  Jo Ann want a formal tasting of the goods.
Loaves and Fishes
  • Scott K and Bryan are leading the charge on this service event.
  • Grease traps and new prep table to be installed after the new year.
  • Scott suggested that we, as a club, provide a day of service to perhaps prep the site for the installation of the prep table etc.  It would have to be on a weekend …a Saturday.  All members present were in favor of conducting the service event as discussed.  More details to follow. 
Basketball Tournament
  • It was brought to the club’s attention that this year will be the 25th anniversary of the Basketball Tournament that was started by Larry Tracey 25 years ago.   Larry was present today to receive the club’s praise for his dedication to the youth of our community.
  • The dates for this year’s tournament will be 12/28/17 and 12/29/17.  Games are 5:30 PM and 7:00 PM.
  • We will need help selling ads for the ad book to be published.
  • Ridgefield Hall and Weaver HS will play Enfield HS
  • We need help with the concession stand and Lou will make his famous chili
  • Shop Rite needs to be contacted for donations of hot dogs etc.
  • Awards and More and Merricks need to be contacted for their services for the tournament.
  • We hope to have nice sweatshirts that will be print screened for th