Minutes November 29th
President Carol Bohnet -4 way test
Chris Leary led us in grace
It was Rich Tkacz’s birthday week. Eric gave a happy dollar for that, Greg’s dollar was for the happiness of his fifth grandson recently being born. Julie was happy that her kids were home for Thanksgiving; Rich gave happy dollars for his birthday.
Joe Fallon’s History Mystery Minute:
November 29, 1832
Louisa May Alcott was born in Germantown, PA on her father’s  33rd birthday, moved to Boston at the age of two where her father associated with Emerson and Thoreau, raised her as a Transcendentalist and she became an ardent abolitionist and feminist.
  1. What was Alcott’s most famous literary work? Little Women
  2. “Jo”, the heroine of Little Women, was based on Alcott herself, and was married at the end of the story. Did Alcott ever marry? No
  3. Alcott also wrote many works using a pen name. What was the pen name? A.M. Barnard
Chris Leary won $365   
Jason $5
President Bohnet reminded members that there were committee sign-up sheets on the table, including one for the December 9th Pancake Breakfast at the Senior Center.
Members were reminded to bring their toy donations in no later than the December 13th meeting. Eric said he can hold donations at the hotel if they come in early. Donations can be dropped with Eric or Carol.
The Rotary’s Annual Basketball Tournament will be December 28th-29th. See Scott Kaupin to volunteer or purchase an ad for the book. Teams playing include Enfield, Hall, Ridgefield and Weaver.
March 1st is the date for wine tasting event at the Holiday Inn from 6-8 p.m.
President Bohnet presented current board members Milt Rosenberg, Jo Ann Walk, Eric Moody, Lou Bolduc, Kevin Mayo and Scott Kaupin with pins.
December 4th is a Road Race Meeting at Chicago Sam’s.
President Bohnet presented Lindsey Weber with a certificate from the District Governor in honor of her work with the accessible playground and for her service as President of the Rotary’s Scholarship Foundation.
Lindsey Weber was the guest speaker. She gave the members an update on the Enfield Rotary Memorial Scholarship Foundation.
Scholarships are available to Enfield residents enrolled in junior, senior year of college and post-grad schooling.  Lindsey serves as President for Foundation, Lou Bolduc is treasurer, Kevin Mayo was secretary and Mary Arcouette will be taking over, Milt Rosenberg, Sandy Zukowski, Adrian Garcia Sega and Joe Fallon also serve on the Foundation.
Applications for scholarships are due in June and awarded in August. The Peace Study Scholarship Trip is on hiatus this year. Working on plans to spread the word about this opportunity to travel to Israel.
The Foundation’s funding is at $230,000. The group is looking at increasing the return on the funds. Once a plan is in place they will consider plans on additional fundraisers for Foundation.