Enfield Rotary Spur: November 2, 2016
Editor: Carol Bohnet on behalf of Stu Barowsky
President Greg opened the meeting at approximately 12:15.
Eric Moody led the Pledge of Allegiance.
Carol Bohnet led the Four Way Test.
Kevin Mayo gave the blessing.
Announcements and Guests:  President Greg announced guests Remo, Holiday Inn and Mark Barbieri from the East Windsor Rotary Club.  Ryan Lawless was the guest of Carol Bohnet.
Sergeant at Arms Kevin Mayo announced a Fine in the spirit of the Halloween Grinch for anyone who did not go Trick or Treating, dress up or give out candy. Several members paid the fine.
Anniversaries/Birthdays: Mike Helechu’s wedding anniversary and wife Dora’s birthday.  Chris Casey’s Club anniversary of 26 years next week.
  • Lindsey: daughter turning 5 years old
  • Joann Walk: Glad there will be a 7th game for the World Series and for Trick or Treat fun (without kids)
  • Katherine: visit to the Windsor Locks Rotary Club
  • Sandy: 2 weeks in Florida
  • Carol: guest today
  • Scott: Notre Dame game and leave early dollar for Town Council Conference Call
  • Julie: happy for Chris Casey’s anniversary and Asnuntuck’s Valley Rep up-coming production of Valley Girls this month.
  • Jack: Lots of Trick or Treaters at his house
  • Kiran: Hindu New Year’s today
  • Greg: Trick or Treating with his grandkids
  • Kevin: Trick or Treat with his grandson over facebook
  • Remo: good Chamber meeting
  • Mark Barbieri (EW Club): Thanked our club for supporting the EW Club’s Wine Tasting event.
  • Chris Casey: Anniversary dollar
  • Chris Leary: anniversary of when he quit smoking and today, his first meeting/day as an official retiree.
HISTORY - Joe Fallon: November 2, 1947, the largest flying boat plane ever built made its maiden and only flight near Long Beach, California.
  1. What was the nickname of the plane? The spruce Goose
  2. What was its official name? The Hughes H-4 Hercules
  3. The plane, powered by eight Pratt & Whitney engines, was flown by what pilot and co-pilot? Pilot – Howard Hughes, Co-pilot – Dave Grant
  • CARDS for $175 -  Kevin Mayo drew the ten of clubs.
  • $10 - Remo
  • $5 – Jim Kuhn
The Pancake Breakfast is scheduled for Saturday, December 10th at the Senior Center.  Signups to follow.
Bobbi M is recuperating and wishes she was here – the food is better.
Katherine announced an Aging Seminar about Grief during the Holidays at the Enfield Senior Center today at 1:00 PM.
GUEST SPEAKER - Linda Shorette, of Nomads of Hope was introduced by Jack Welch. 
Linda asked the Club to visualize the best thing we’ve done and then equated that feeling with Nomad’s work with youth. Their mission is to build youth leaders through meaningful work – traveling to community service projects. They conduct three different trips – somewhat locally, like upstate New York, out west to various Indian reservations, and to Ecuador.
Linda was pleased and surprised to recognize Holiday Inn employee, Zach who volunteered with Nomad starting in 7th grade.
The Nomad program provides youth with exposure to other cultures, youth and adults. Through service projects they can learn to become leaders in their own communities. The business office in Monson would assist with the startup of Nomad chapters in other locations.
For partner trips with GroupCares in the U.S., ages 12 – 20 are included. For Western U.S. trips, ages 14 – 20 are included. For the Ecuador trip, they have youth as young as 12 years old, but if with a sibling or family, they could be even younger. In Ecuador they have built homes, a community center and water facilities.  The city has 200,000 people living in a two square mile space. The volunteers live with local families for one week.
Linda relayed a sentiment from one young girl who changed over the years through her service – being an inspiration to someone is the best feeling anyone could ever have. She challenged the Rotary members to make a moment for a youth that results in them saying “Wow, that’s the best thing I ever did!”
The meeting was adjourned at 1:13 PM.
Respectfully submitted by: Carol Bohnet