Minutes of Enfield Rotary meeting of November 30, 2016
Meeting convened by President Greg ringing the bell at 12:15
Pledge:  Joyce Keating
4 Way Test:  Derek Meade
Blessing:  Kevin Mayo
Guests:  Justin from ServPro – Bloomfield Rotary and Ashley Levesque, speaker from KITE
Birthday’s and Anniversaries:  Alan Drinan and Richard Tkacz December 4th Birthday (both were not at meeting)
Happy/Sads:  I apologize a head of time if I missed any as people spoke quickly and softly.
Derek, Steve, Sandy, Stuart, Jim, Ed, Joe all needed to leave early.
Sandy happy for oldest granddaughter birthday.  She also announced December 7th was Toys for Joys – bring unwrapped gifts for children up to 10 yrs old.
Greg, happy his football team won – I think it was the Lions.
Michael Helechu – Today 18th anniversary with Allied.   Saturday Mike, his son and grandson will be going to the Lego Kids Fest.
Joyce Keating – Happy she is going on the Asnuntuck Bus trip to  NY, xmas spectacular
Carol – Happy/Sad for Michael retirement after 18 yrs, Allied received another Mass Mutual grant to expand the lawn care business. Also paid a secret $2.00 for her 2 daughters announcing they are pregnant.
Keith – Missed last week, spent time in New Hampshire.
Ed – other than leaving early, happy for the meatloaf again, UConn game, Saturday and Sunday – he will be Santa!!!
Bill-  Happy for his improved health, lost some weight, looks good, feels good.
Richard – Wonderful Thanksgiving, to Bill’s Health
Justin,  Thank the club for welcoming him.
Joe’s History Mystery
Samuel Langhorne Clemens a/k/a Mark Twain was born in Florida, Missouri
  1.  What astronomical event took place at the time of his birth, and ironically, at the time of his death?     A Visit by Halley’s Comet
  2. Twain lived in Hartford, Connecticut from 1874 to 1891.  He moved to Hartford to be close to his publisher.  Who was his publisher?    American Publishing Company
  3. The pen name “Mark Twain” allegedly came from the river boatman’s cry indicating safe passage.  How many feet in this marine unit of depth of “Mark Twain”?  Twelve feet or fathoms
Not sure who answered the questions  _ most likely Kevin or Greg.
Road Race meeting Tuesday, Dec 6th, Powder Hollow
Ed taking donations for the foundation next week.
Scott announced they are collecting for the ads for the girl’s basketball tournament in December. (28th and 29th)
Pancake Breakfast on December 10th
Rotary Breakfast Friday, December 2nd, at Country Diner.
Chamber Annual Meeting, December 8th at the Holiday Inn.
Speaker Presentation
Ashley Levesque, coordinator of KITE, which stands for Key Initiatives to Early Education.  KITE is a collaborative organization that brings together numerous community members who all have a passion for enhancing the lives of Enfield’s youngest residents.
Their mission is to ensure that all Enfield Children, ages birth through age 8, are healthy, safe and happy, live in thriving families, and are ready to learn the skills they need to succeed in school and flourish in the 21st century.  That can seem like an overwhelming mission when you say it out loud.  But KITE’s ability to be successful id due to our variety of partners, and our multiple sub-committees who are each working towards KITE’s mission with a focused approach toward Health, Family engagement & Support, and Early Care & Education.
One of their most recent areas of effort has been concerning the importance of play.  Think back for a moment.  When was the last time you’ve said, “When I was a kid, we were outside playing until the streetlights came on!” It feels as though play has taken a back seat because of the busy lives of parents and the overabundance of technology in the home.  Even in some schools, the rigors of early educational standards have left little time for play.  She is proud to say that KITE has helped turn the curve towards more playful opportunities in Enfield.  Our Age 3 to Grade 3 committee recently helped Enfield Public Schools integrate dramatic play opportunities in ALL Kindergarten classrooms.  Dramatic play means when you walk into a class, you might see an area set up to look like a grocery Store where each child will be playing a role like cashier, customer, shelf stocker and baggers.  KITE feels that both Enfield private and public sectors support, value, and respect children’s play.
After watching short documentary called, “Caines Arcade” KITE was inspired to take play in Enfield to the next level.  The video encouraged KITE members to create a focused campaign which will allow us to inform, incorporate and increase paly in our community.  Enfield Plays On will provide ample opportunities for fun and togetherness, free of charge, in Enfield.
We are looking for community partners, groups, or organizations that would like to host a play event.  The committee is offering several grants in the amount of $200 each that you can use to fund your event. Events can be anything play centered, such as a chance for children to engage in a specific type of play, or a speaker or presentation to educate parents, caregivers, and community members about play.  The only limit is your imagination. 
KITE’s work is imperative to the future of Enfield because children who enter kindergarten ready to succeed grow up to be the book-smart, team capable, job ready workers who help businesses prosper and the good neighbors who help communities thrive.
Thank you