Rotary Minutes:    Date:10.11.17    
Pledge:Jason Neely         
4 way test:Carol Bohnet        
Invocation:Chris Leary         
Guests and visitors:none         
Rotarian Anniversaries:Julie, Keith, Jerry, Joanne       
Birthdays:Chris Casey, Joanne Walk       
Wedding Anniversaries:Julie Cotnoir        
Happy / Sads:          
 Joanne for birthday and club anniversary      
 Kathy - leave early        
 Brian- late dollar, missed board meeting, happy his son's tooth extraction   
  went well         
 Carol- Happy leaving for maryland to see new grandchild    
 Jerry late dollar and happy for anniversary     
 Bill - Happy father in law 90th birthday coming up and the kids will be   
 home.  Sad dollar for red sox, sang anthem at event fundraiser    
 Jason- Happy son in 3rd grade and NH trip for trains and cog railway   
 Kevin- Missed last week for wife's eye appointment happy all went well   
 sad lost a long time member of the beavers club, happy going to patriots   
 gane versus Jets        
 Kate- happy her son is doing well on golf team, misses everyone!    
 Scott- Happy for red sox season, going to oyster fest in welfleet    
 Milt- Went to Bushnell to see Les Mis and ran into Joe Fallon happy to be   
 happy to be going to the Berkshires      
 Joyce- Supporting the CT entry for MRS Senior usa      
 Joe- enjoyed Les Mis was dismayed at people using cell phones during   
History Mystery:1884 Oct 11         
 The longest serving first lady of the USA was born in New York City to socialite  
 parents Elliott Roosevelt and Anna Hall.  She later married 5th cousin    
 Franklin Delano Roosevelt.       
 Q-Who gave away Eleanor at her wedding because her parents died when she was quite young
 A- President Teddy Roosevelt her uncle      
 Q-What President appointed Eleanor as the chair person of the presidential commission on the 
 status of women?        
 A- John F. Kennedy        
 Q-What was Eleanor's first name as Eleanor was her middle name?   
 A- Anna after her mother       
Pot for card at 285Lou - drew card did not win       
 Larry - 10         
Other Business:Donations from our club for hurricane relief efforts is almost 1,200   
 please remember to sign in on the attendance list each week    
 Reminder 10/25 luch is at Asnuntuck      
 Nov 2nd foundation dinner       
 Nov 11th Leadership institute       
 Nov 15th Distric gov. coming to meeting      
 Basketball tourney set for 12/28 12/29      
 Monday pm road race committee meeting @ 99     
 Video shown on Ian Riseley on Rotary flexibility and recruitment    
 Discussion of membership retention and recruitment from the committee