Flag Salute: Remo Pizzechemi
Four Way Test: Carol Bohnet
Invocation: Ed Palomba
Visitors:         Christopher Drezek – Superintendent of Schools
                        Michelle Tracey
Brian              13th Wedding anniversary
                        Sad for loss of friend Jeremy due to untimely death
Kate G:          Late dollar
Ed P:               Happy re Yankees
Nick D:           Happy to get away
Carol B:         Happy to spend birthday weekend with her daughter and son-in-law
                        Sad about previous words that hurt some feelings in people.
Dick Stevens: Announcement re Dave Drinan in hospital for minor surgery.
Kiran M:        Happy he finished Hartford Marathon but tuckered out around mile 20 and needed a profound mental strength to motivate his body to complete the race.
Chris C:          Happy to spend wedding anniversary in Myrtle Beach with her aging husband Tom who reached age 60.
Eric:                Happy about the beautiful weather
Sandy:            Happy about Niagara Falls
Fallon Mystery Minute:
George Campbell Scott was born in Wise, VA, raised mainly by his father, served in the USMC, graduated from the University of Missouri and is perhaps best known for playing General George Patton in the 1970 film “Patton.”  
  1. Scott played the role of another general in an earlier movie in 1964 whose name was Buck Turgidson.  What was the title of that movie? 
    1. Dr. Strangelove or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.
  2. What was the name of the movie in which Scott played the role of a de facto Sherlock Holmes?
    1. They Might Be Giants
  3.  What Connecticut politician did Scott endorse in TV ads decades ago?
    1. Lowell Weicker
$10:    Brian
$5:      Cathy
Card:  Ed Palomba (Card was drawn by Nick D for good luck
            Queen of Spades – so very sad
Guest Speaker:        Christopher Drezek – Superintendent of Schools
            Topic:  New Enfield High School and the success of the students in the culinary program and in soccer.
Christopher Drezek, Superintendent of Enfield Schools, was the keynote speaker at the Enfield Rotary Club today. Mr. Drezek shared with the members of Rotary the importance of supporting “our kids”. He acknowledged that the Town of Enfield has a history of supporting the educational system from Kindergarten through Grade 12.  Mr. Drezek highlighted the Culinary Arts program at the High School.  Actually, he invited the members of the Enfield Rotary Club to hold one of their weekly meetings at the High School.
The Superintendent also talked about the importance of values. He shared how the educational experience at the High School has evolved. For example, there are no more traditional study halls. In place of study halls, there is time set aside every day for students to meet with their classmates and faculty. Because of this change, the students have the opportunity to attend club meetings, or get extra help support during the regular school day.  This is such a benefit for both faculty and students.  This schedule change affords time that gives students the opportunity to participate in more high school experiences because they aren’t limited by transportation schedules. The Superintendent expressed his gratitude to the members of Rotary for the scholarships made available to Enfield High School students.
The most impressive characteristics of Mr. Drezek ‘s talk was how he really seemed to take pride in the achievements of the students.  He talked about student participation in activities. It was quite clear that the students’ education and formation is the crux of his job. It was refreshing to hear Mr. Drezek speak so passionately about the students of Enfield.  Mr. Drezek spoke from his heart. A book has been donated by the Enfield Rotary Club, to the Enfield Library in honor of Mr. Drezek’s visit to the Enfield Rotary Club.